Mental Health: Eliminate Personal Problems By Self-Communication  

24 Aug 2014 Posted in Mind and Body 

In our daily life, we may have problems about career, relationship with family members, relationship with lovers, etc.  The problems can be eliminated through understanding cause and effect of the problems and increasing your own awareness.  Once you know the cause, the effect will disappear.  Then, your mind will be purified to maintain mental health.


Personal problems can be solved through communication such as hypnosis.  Communicating with yourself deeply without hypnosis can also solve your personal problems.

How Personal Problems Are Generated - Cause, Effect, Responses

Causes of our attitudes are generated unconsciously

l   in our daily life,

l   when you are in your mother’s womb,

l   when you are sleeping.


The cause of our attitudes is called “seed” planted unconsciously into our mind – called alaya (see the table namely The Eightfold Network of Primary Consciousnesses in this website - 


The result which is caused by the seed is called the effect.


Encountering the situation related to the “seed”, you will have certain responses annoying you.  Those responses lead to the problems in many aspects of our life.


How To Cleanse "Seed"

We cleanse the seed by increasing awareness of every moment in our daily life so that the personal problems will be gone.  This can be done by deep communication with a practitioner or by self-communication.


To communicate with yourself,

firstly, think about problems you always have in your daily life.


For Example


You have no money but you want to buy a TV which is very expensive.   

You think whether to buy the TV or not.  Then, you discover the seller of the TV offers partial payment so you have bought the TV in the installments. 


In this case, you still need to pay small amount of money for the TV for a period of time.  Therefore, you spend less money as you have to pay for buying the TV.


In this example, the problem is “Why do you have no money?”.


Because you think you have “no money” to buy an expensive TV, the following ideals and responses are created


²  TV

²  Expensive

²  Partial payment

²  Spend less money


These become the vexation which you will have when you think you have no money in this case.


The effect is ”you doubt whether to buy a TV or not” when you see an expensive TV.


Superficially, “No Money” is the cause of these problems but it is not.  “No Money” is the result of an unknown cause. 


Secondly, you ask yourself, “What is the real cause?”


At this stage, contemplating and ask yourself “why do you have the ideal of no money?”.


Think about things and events related to money happened when you were a child, such as,


l   Your parents told you a concept about money.

l   You were poor when you were young.

l   Therefore, you needed to save money and would buy necessities only.


During the aforementioned childhood, the ideals of difficult to earn more money and saving money were developed.  While you heard your parents telling you their concept about money, the seed was planted into your mind.  This happened unconsciously when you were a child and become the cause leading you to doubt whether to buy an expensive TV or not in future.  Hence, you have not realized it.


Eventually, when you have grown up, you will have the following responses based on the value of “difficult to earn more money” and “saving money”:


Ø   doubt whether buying an expensive TV or not

Ø   give up the idea of buying an expensive TV

Ø   buy a TV in installments

Ø   reject to have more wealth.


These are possible responses developed due to the seed.


Through communicating with yourself, you will realize the real cause at this stage.  Then, the effect – doubt whether to buy a TV or not – will disappear at once.  


If the cause is related to your past life which the seed is buried deeply, then it may take longer to communicate with yourself and find out the cause.


The example is based on one aspect of your life.  This can happen in your life of relationship and career, etc..  You can communicate with yourself in the same way to find out the causes of personal problems in other aspects of your life.


In order to find out the causes of personal problems, one can observe and contemplate all people around you, events and every moment in our daily life.  The people and events are the mirrors.  One can discover cause and effect in the mirrors.  Once the causes are discovered, the effects will be gone.


You can do it consciously – not under hypnosis.  If you have learnt more communication skill, you can do it yourself.


Practising frequently to aware the causes in every moment of your daily life, you will cleanse more and more seeds in your mind.  Eventually, you will spend less time in finding out the causes showing that your awareness has increased.  In addition, your mind will be more purified – that means you are more mentally healthy.

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