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20 Dec 2015  Posted in Mind and Body 

This is the concept which I have learnt from Daoism for a long time.


道生一 ,一生二,二生三,三生萬物。萬物負陰而抱陽……



Dao produced One.

One produced Two.

Two produced Three.

Three produced everything.

Yin and Yang are embedded in everything…..


Dao De Jing


Everything has the quality of Yin and Yang.

It is expressed in I Ching Hexagrams fully.

Yin and Yang seem to be a very abstract concept.

It is very important and essential in our daily life.


The concept of Yin and Yang can applied on everything.

Yang represents matters which are concrete – we can identify them by our 5 sensors.

Yin refers to subtle energy of all matters – we usually cannot identify them by our 5 sensors.


Let’s take Water as an example.

Water is fluid and liquid.

It is usually clear and transparent.

It is almost tasteless but there are tastes emanated from different minerals in water.

These are Yang qualities of Water.


When we water the plant, the type of water affects the life of the plant.

If we irrigate the plant with water at which one has scolded, the plant will die faster.

If we irrigate the plant with water which one has praised, the plant will grow faster.

Subtle energy originated from scolding and praising are Yin qualities of Water.


How are we affected by Yin and Yang qualities of matters?

This can be answered by my friend’s enquiry “What are the differences between supplements from Company A and supplements from Company B?”

After I have tried supplements from both companies, the answer is “They have their unique functions but supplements from Company B have Qi of Yin and Yang but supplements from Company A have not had.”


Qi is subtle energy and the meanings of Yin & Yang have been explained previously.

A kind of western medicine can been spread and affected organs of a body.

A kind of Chinese medicine (e.g. herbs) can target on guts and affect one or two guts.  This is the function caused by Qi of Yin and Yang on herbs.


Why is it the Qi of Yin and Yang? (Not Qi of Yin or Qi of Yang)

For example, each essential oil can be classified by Yin and Yang.

Ylang Ylang (a kind of essential oil) belongs to the Nature of Yin.

However, this nature will be changed to relatively Yang which it is diluted.

In addition, it will possibly be changed based on the environmental conditions, i.e. after the essential oil is applied on a person.

This situation was found when I was testing on the nature of Ylang Ylang by putting it on my skin nearby my kidneys.

After using Ylang Ylang, I closed my eyes and viewed my guts through my inner eyes.

Statements and products made in this blog post about essential oils are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any diseases.  The information in this article is intended for informational purpose only and is not intended as substitute for medical advice.  Please consult your physician on specific medical questions or prior to stating health regime.  We make no representations or warranties and assume no liability with respect to any action, use or misuse of any information contained here.

First, I saw Ylang Ylang’s qi which was blue in colour flowing into both kidneys – Blue qi represents Yin quality of Qi.

Then, Blue Qi flowed towards genitals.

On the way to genitals, Blue Qi was suddenly changed into Red Qi – Red Qi represents Yang quality of Qi.

Red Qi lasted for a second and it was changed back into Blue Qi flowing into genitals.

This really shows Nature of Qi of Ylang Ylang is constantly changed.


        The basic nature of Ylang Ylang is Yin.

        Within its nature of Yin, it has Yin and Yang qualities.


I read an article about the nature of Chinese medicines written by a person who has learnt Daoism – Daoists are very famous for healing skills and using medicines.


The nature of herbal medicines is determined based on the patient.

The nature of herbal medicines is also changed by the person who uses the medicines.


Yin and Yang are embedded in everything.

The person, who can recognize Yin and Yang in everything and flexibly apply them, will understand Dao and the truths.

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