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6 Dec 2015  Posted in Mind and Body 

There are 2 things I try to keep doing every day…..


1)     Confession

2)     Meditation


I have my way to confess and repent every day.

When I was repenting in the same way for a period of time, I got used to it.

One day, I was thinking “I may not be sincere enough to repent…”

Hence, I have changed my way of repenting by getting down on my knees.

I kneeled on the cushion which is specially used for meditation.

It is like kneeling on the floor when I am kneeling on the cushion.

Because I sit on it for 3 years, the cushion has become too soft.

It is painful to kneel on it for 30 minutes, therefore, I was thinking to buy something else to kneel.


About 2 weeks ago, my friend wanted to buy a necklace in a book store where I bought a necklace so we went to the shop together.

At the end, I saw different types of cushions displaying next to the cashier.

I asked “Is there any cushion which is good and hard enough to kneel?”

The manager of the shop introduced a cushion which the stuffing is wormwood.

I was asked to test the cushion and it was not as soft as the cushion I had at home.

Finally, I bought it and kneel on it every day.


Benefits of using Wormwood


The other name of Wormwood is Artemisia argyi.

The nature of it is warm.  It is purely yang energy so it can unblock all energy channels in a body.

It can expel cold energy (Evil Yin) in a body.  It is antibacterial.

It is commonly used in acupuncture and moxibustion to improve the healthiness of the body.

It is claimed to drive out evil spirits.


Expelling Negative Energy through Meditation


Negative energy is being expelled out from any part of the body through some types of Meditation.

In past, I learnt 2 or 3 types of Meditation which could slightly expel negative energy.

I did not pay attention how much negative energy was removed from my body but it did work out slightly.

Since June 2015, I have learnt and practiced a new type of Meditation.

After practising for months, it is getting more and more effective in removing negative energy.

Therefore, it is very good to sit on the cushion with the stuffing of wormwoods.

During the meditation, wormwoods inside the cushion will absorb and eliminate negative energy expelled from my body.

When I have started using this cushion, I realize that there are more and more negative energy removed from my body during meditation.

Through my observation and studying of meditation skills, the elimination of negative energy is getting faster.

This cushion is doing a great job during meditation and I need it.


This cushion has a very strong smell emanating from wormwoods.

I was told if the smell of the cushion has gone, put it under sun and it will revive.

My body will keep absorbing the energy of wormwoods which improves the wellness of my body slightly.


Negative energy will not only be expelled from the body through meditation.

It also happens when carrying out confession.

Expressing sadness does emit negative energy.

This negative energy left in a place is better to be eliminated.

The cushion of wormwoods stuffing will help.


At the same time, the person who carries out confession is better to be energized by positive energy too.

I have learnt this concept from Silent Place and the small Confessional in Lotus Cave of Tao Fong Shan Christian Centre.
Reading the small Confessional, I felt negative energy was draining out of my head.

I felt energized by sarced energy when reading the Slient Place.

I guess it is related to the design of Lotus Cave but I did not have a chance to visit the centre once.

Therefore, I cannot confirm my point of view.

Surely, do we need to expel negative energy and absorb positive energy during confession.

The cushion of wormwoods will help in Meditation and Confession.

The stuffing of wormwoods in the cushion is very stiff that it supports the weight of my whole body very well at the moment.

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