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27 Oct 2014  Posted in Mind and Body 

Spirituality consists of three main aspects - our mind, our bodies and our soul.

A healthy body enables us to do different type of spiritual practices.

Improving our health becomes one of the issues to deal with and this is related to spirituality.

To keep our bodies healthy, a spine must be healthy and vertebrae are in the correct positions.

A teacher who taught me dowsing and earth grids said that to be healthy, one needed to check the positions of vertebrae first.

“Dislocations of vertebrae cause diseases.”

I learnt this lesson very well when I once had spurs.

My Story: Spurs Formed On Bones Of My Spine

When I was working in an office sitting for 35 hours to 40 hours per week, I left the office at 9 pm or later.

I used to have dinner at home instead of in the office. 

Therefore, I often had dinners at 8 pm – 10 pm.

I was very upset during that period and I used to have dinner at 6:30 pm – 7pm.

Therefore, negative emotion and irregular time to have dinner reduced the amount of nutrients absorbed.


One day, I discovered I could not take a full 45 degree bow.

When I visited a doctor, I told him this situation.

He pushed slightly my back to check and discovered I had spurs.

He said he could use Qi to heal my spine.  I accepted and gave it a go.

He then used his thumb to massage my back where there were spurs.

During the treatment, I felt the heat around the area he had massaged.

The treatment took about 5 minutes and I could took a full 45 degree bow afterwards.

He reminded me that because of the treatment, the nerves around the spurs were damaged which would take a half year to recover.

Soften Spurs With Qi Only If You Know How Very Well

I would like to remind all readers “Do Not mimic the treatment described here” unless you are an expert.

I talked to the doctor saying that when I learnt Qi Gong, my teacher ordered me not to inject my Qi into other’s body.


He then explained

“I will practice Qi Gong in the afternoon so that Qi has been replenished. 

I know I cannot do this treatment on more than 4 patients per day.”  This implied

l   There is limited amount of Qi in our bodies,

l   We cannot extract too much Qi from our body, and

l   We need to know how to generate Qi ourselves to replenish.

[Remarks: The ways to generate Qi through Qi Gong are different from the ones of other energy healing methods. 

This article states Qi is generated inside our body (Not outside our body).]


He also said that he had a patient following this treatment massaging his spine himself.

However, the patient did not know Qi Gong so there was no Qi injected into his spine when he massage himself.

Then, part of his spine was swollen due to his incorrect treatment and he called to ask this doctor for help.

I repeat this statement here - “Do Not mimic the treatment described here unless you are an expert.”

Dislocations Of Vertebrae 

After months of “Qi treatment” for spurs, I estimated my spine was healed but actually it was not totally recovered.

I was invited to take a trial of a yoga class.

After the yoga class, some of my backbones were dislocated which I did not realize.

Three years later, I had a sever backache that I walked as slow as a turtle – see my story.

I consulted a bone-setting doctor of Chinese Medicine working in a university to fix my spine.

He helped me to relax the muscles around my spine with acupuncture twice every week.

Six weeks later, he started setting my vertebrae into the correct positions gradually.

The duration of the whole treatment was about 8 months.

Diseases Caused By Vertebrae Dislocations

Before the sever backache happened, I had many diseases after the spine was injured in the yoga class.

Some diseases were eczema, eye floaters and eye flashes.

Vertebrae dislocation can affect our body greatly because in a spinal cord, there are numbers of postganglionic neurons extending to head, neck, thoracic viscera, skin, abdominal viscera and pelvic viscera.

Dislocations of my vertebrae were not severe but it caused diseases which I was not used to have influencing my life tremendously.

During that period, I have learnt a lot about alternative healing methods and food therapy which I am still applying now.

I have also learnt I should protect my spine all the time.

How To keep Spines Healthy?

To build up strong backbones, we need vitamin D and Calcium.

Vitamin D is also a hormone your body can make from the sun.

Make sure your skin has been exposed to the sun every day to ensure your body has sufficient Vitamin D.

The intake of Calcium can be increased by eating nuts, seeds, quinoa, chia seed, blackstrip molasses.

In past, I drank Matcha green tea to absorb Calcium as it has 130 times more Calcium than any other green tea.

Some people cannot drink too much Matcha green tea because everyone has different levels of yin and yang in a body.

In this case, it is more safe to absorb Calcium through food therapy.

If you want to drink much Matcha green tea to absorb Calcium, please check the levels of yin and yang in your body with a doctor of Chinese Medicine first.

At the end of this article, I suggest all readers to check the positions of vertebrae for your health.

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