Where Are Right Spiritual Paths?

13 Sep 2015  Posted in Mind and Body 

Since 2012, I have meet around 5 or 6 spiritual buddies who are interested in New Age and Spirituality.

In 1 year, some of them have gone.

They were walking away because we have different values and beliefs.

They head their ways to search what they want.

Now, only 3 of them are staying with me.

Spiritually, we are walking on different paths already.

One of them is following a spiritual master.

It is no doubt that he is a respectful spiritual master.

It is her decision to follow this spiritual master.

When she has a question about her career path, she chooses to ask another spiritual master. 

I have a question in my mind “Why has she done that?”

Is she going to a way which is really right for her?


Note: A spiritual master is usually good at improving life of any aspects – career, health, relationship…

So does her spiritual master.  It seems there is something she needs from another spiritual master.

Therefore, she has chosen to find solutions from another spiritual master. 

This is just my assumption based on observation.


When I was thinking of this question, I have 2 words in my mind – Conscious Mind.



Conscious and Unconscious Mind


At the beginning, I learnt to cultivate my mind and to do spiritual practices but I did not know where to start.

I did not make a research for this topic but I guess there are a flock of people asking the same question.

I have heard that even thought a person knows a famous spiritual master, he or she may not have a chance to approach the master.

The chance to learn from a reliable spiritual master is like 0.5%.

The only way is to figure it out ourselves.

I also heard that some people have cultivated their minds for ten years and he or she remains at one level for a long time.

The reason behind this phenomenon is the attitude or value of “I” or “ego”.

Modern people focus on left-brain perception so the value of “I” or “ego” is very strong.

I have read this theory from a book called “Back To A Future For Mankind - BioGeometry”.


Left and Right Brain


In order to understand this topic, we assumed…..


Right Brain is our sub-conscious mind which is related to mythos.

Left Brain is our conscious mind which is related to logos.


Left Brain Thinking is logical and analytical whereas Right Brain Thinking is imaginative and creative.

Our sub-conscious mind is related to functions of brains and behaviour.


Schools usually train people to be analytical and logical.

This belongs to the functions of Left Brain.

Right Brain of modern people is usually underdeveloped.


Our values and beliefs are too strong that we turn our blind eyes to the environment.

This is my experience which can explain this phenomenon.

My body looked thin and slim but my bones were heavy.

Therefore, I looked like I was 100 lb but actually I was 128 lb.

I had a friend who said that I was thin and I was 100 lb.

To prove I was 128 lb, I was standing on his bathroom scales showing I was 128 lb.

He kept denied that was wrong and I was not as heavy as 128 lb.

His value, a thin person has lighter weight, was very strong that he did not believe in his bathroom scales.

He measured the weight of a person based on his or her appearance.

In his mind, the value of “I” was very strong to ignore the fact and accuracy of his bathroom scales.

It is not right or wrong to have your own beliefs and values.



When it comes to spirituality and self improvement, the strong attitudes and values lead to disempowerment of our mind.

We act based on our values and experiences (not based on what we have verified).

These hinder us from understanding the non-material world which affects us tremendously every day.


Non Material World


There are two faces of our world – Yin and Yang.

Yin represents the physical world we can see by eyes.  In Chinese, it is called Wu (無) in Daoism.

Yang represents the non material world we cannot see by eyes.  In Chinese, it is called You (有) in Daoism.

Both exist in our world interacting with each other.


I will have a headache after using wireless handset of a telephone or a mobile phone.

Therefore, I will use hands-free earphone to avoid having a headache.

I read a book explaining EMF (Electro Magnetic Frequency) emitted by mobile phones was very strong.

This explains why I have a headache when using wireless handset of a telephone and a mobile phone.

Some people expressed that they did not believe this.

This is just one of many examples that how non-material world affects us invisibly.

Our body is an intelligent detector and everyone has this ability to scan and sense EMF.

Without training, this ability is usually not developed.


Karma is another example which affecting our lives like an invisible hand.

The force of Karma is manifested when we meet someone for a first and it seems we known this person for a long time.

Bad Karma can make a person giving up the right choice or choosing the option which is not right for him or her at that moment.

Cultivating our mind can help to increase our vibration so that we are not affected by the invisible force of Bad Karma.


Spiritually, we can walk towards the paths which are right for us by eliminating values of “I” and “ego” in our mind and eliminating bad Karma.

Meanwhile, we can learn and practice how to raise our vibrations so that bad Karma will not chasing after us.

Then, our lives will be improved naturally.

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