What Is An Ego And How To Eliminate Egos – Part 2        

20 Oct 2014  Posted in Mind and Body 

How Do We Eliminate Egos?

The main concepts of the following methods which eliminate egos are

n   Understanding more about your true self and

n   Learning invisible laws governing our life.

Learning these concepts deeply can help to sort out the effective methods to eliminate egos yourselves.

If you do not choose to find them out yourselves, the following methods will reduce egos too.

Learn Different Cultures

Egos tend to be stronger when we are staying at the same city accustomed to the culture we have got used to.

Staying in our comfort zone also strengthen our egos too.

Moving to a foreign country and experiencing the cultures of greater cultural dimensions will break egos down.

This will work out because we will be forced to change the focus from “me” to “you”.

Due to great cultural dimensions, we are forced to learn and face the changes.

This will be very effective when he or she moves to a new environment “alone”.

Always Do tasks You Dislike 

When you dislike to do a task, this indicates it is something you are afraid of.

A learning curve of a new task is usually flat at the beginning.

It takes time to learn and the speed of learning will be slow as one is unfamiliar with the new task.

It trains oneself to overcome fear and learn more know-how of doing a new task.

Why do we fear to try something new?

It is our basic instinct to protect ourselves so we feel scared for something we do not know much.

Be courage to overcome any obstacles.

This changes our attitudes and helps to detach from egos.

Self Hypnosis

Everyone can do self-hypnosis.

Through self-hypnosis, we can find out the cause of the egos and remove the cause.

When we are in trance states, our mind is calm.

Our mind is like a lake. 

When there is no storm, we can see the bottom of the lake clearly.

It may take a long time of practices to turn our mind in the trance state and find out the causes.

It is proofed by many psychiatrists that hypnosis is very effective in healing and finding the causes of sickness.

It is worth to try and practise self-hypnosis.

 Self Deep Communication

Besides self hypnosis, self-deep communication can also be effective to search the causes of egos and diminish the causes.

It is similar to self-hypnosis as you need to be calm.

However, you are asking yourself questions again and again.

You need to recall negative emotion risen in your childhood because someone planted a value forming egos when you were a child.

It is important to remember everything you have listened as they are the sources of your values and attitudes.

Please click here to learn more about how to do self-deep communication.

Listen and Absorb The Information As It Is

As explained in part 1, our mind will create and verify thoughts and ideas.

Then, manas will insist the first idea is absolutely true all the time.

That is how our ego formed.

To reduce egos, we train ourselves to focus on listening to everything only.

We ignore coming thoughts and ideas afterwards even though there are many.

The best practice is to remember every thoughts and ideas come from egos.

They do not come from our true selves.

They may be true at “that moment” but not true “forever”.

This keeps one staying the moment now.

Learning Spirituality

Spirituality will state many invisible laws which govern and affect our lives tremendously.

It provides spiritual practices such as meditation, reading scriptures, chanting prayers and chanting mantas to transform ourselves.

The practices can purify our mind and egos.

The practices also increase vibrations maintaining the serenity of our mind.

These help to realize the consequences manifested by every thought ourselves.


The most essential points to diminish egos are upholding the beliefs of reincarnation and the Law of Karma in our mind.

u  Believe in past lives and reincarnation

There are books and documentary films proofing that human beings have many past lives.

One of the books which is describing how past lives affecting our life is “Many Lives, Many Masters- By Dr Bryan Weiss”.  

The information of this book tends to be reliable as he is a psychiatrist who worked in a hospital and the information about a patient must be written down. 

Monitored by the system of the hospital, every record about a patient must be true and correct. 

Therefore, I suggest to read this book first to learn more about reincarnation.

u  Believe In The Law Of Karma, The Law Of Cause and Effect  

There is no coincidence in our lives.  

We reap what we sow.  When we give our kindness, kindness will be returned.

Karmic relationships keep people together or apart.  They are caused by karmic debts we created in previous lives or this lives.

When we realize we are unable to escape from Karma, we learn to accept Karma willingly even though it is negative.

This trains our mind to detach from any emotion stirred up by any events.


The power house of eliminating egos is nurturing compassion and unconditional love.

Doing everything based on compassion, kindness and unconditional love increase the sense of sympathy towards others.

Upholding compassionate mind will gradually eliminate egos.


When most people come across the idea of eliminating egos, the response is most likely “That is impossible”.

Never give in.  When you have a thought of giving in, you have already given in.

Believing in reincarnation and the Law of Karma, our mind is more able to tranquilize.

If we uphold compassionate mind all the time, the progress of elimination will be much faster.

It is unbelievable but it is true.

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