What Is An Ego And How To Eliminate Egos – Part 1        

19 Oct 2014  Posted in Mind and Body 

I have no idea how I came across the word egos. 

I reckoned I understood the meaning of the word egos very well.

In fact, I knew nothing about egos until I have learnt spirituality and I have been studying Heart Sutra.

My initial understanding about Heart Sutra was that it is the best known Buddhist scripture talking about the concept of “emptiness”.

After years of studying Heart Sutra, I have got a new understanding.

It implies to reach Nirvana, we have to be mindfulness and detach from egos because everything is impermanent and constantly changed.

What Is An Ego?

Our mind gives meanings to everythings in the world.

We attach to meanings and to the extreme, we insist the meanings are absolutely true all the time.

This is the time the ego rises.

As our mind is invisible, we never realize that egos exist in minds.

This creates an illusion that an ego is a “true” self.

In fact, an ego is different from a true self.

A true self is a light bulb and egos are dust covering a bulb.

We do not know there is a light bulb until we have removed dust on the light bulb.

When our mind is more purified, we will be able to identify an ego and see our true selves.

How Is The Ego formed?

I was inspired by Heart Sutra when I was figuring out how ideas were created.


There are eight consciousnesses – eyes, ears, noses, tongues, bodies, minds, manas, alaya.

It is easy to understand the meanings of eyes, ears, noses, tongues and bodies as they are part of our physical bodies.

Manas, alaya and minds are invisible so we will explain more about them.

Mind is the cognitive sensor of Manas, alaya and minds.

Mind is an invisible organ. 

There are a few streams explaining the locations of alaya whereas nothing has been mentioned about the locations of manas. 

It seems alaya is a kind of subtle energy located inside the middle nadi where it is passing through the physical heart.


When we see, hear, smell, taste and touch something, successive thoughts are created and verified by our mind.

The first idea generated by our mind is called manas which is self grasping.

Self grasping means our mind sees this first idea as absolutely true.

Then, a kind of values, attitudes and habits will be developed based on this first idea.

Some values, attitudes and behaviours will be developed but the development may not happen at once or in this life.

Values or behaviours may appears after encountering a certain type of situations.

For example, some was not afraid to stay in a closed room until he or she has been sitting in a plane one day.

I believe manas is similar to an ego and is the source of an ego when it is self grasping.

It may be related to sub-conscious mind since manas is implicit in our mind.


All memories including first ideas are stored in alaya.

The memories are called, “seeds”, because they are the causes of our values, attitudes and behaviours.

When we die, the alaya storing all memories will leave the body together.

When we reincarnate, alaya will enter an embryo again. 

This cycle will repeat again and again unless we have reached Nirvana.

Therefore, our personalities and behaviours are not only caused by what we have done this life but also what we did in past life.

This is the end of Part 1

Please click HERE to read Part 2.

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