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4 Sep 2014  Posted in Mind and Body 

In the world, there are books and courses talk about how to be successful and how to obtain more wealth.  Your mind creates your own world.  In order to effectively apply skills and knowledge from books and courses, one needs a purified mind which is less or no negative emotion.  In addition, one needs to eliminate seeds (causes of personal problems) to ensure wealth and success come quickly without hindrances.  This also makes law of attraction more effective.   Finally, one has to take action and actualize one’s plan related to wealth.  Without this, nothing will happen. 



There are a few reasons which help some to get richer.  Besides law of attraction, these are the things one needs to know for being more wealthy and successful.


Get Out Of Fear And "Incidents"

Fear is one of the reasons for poverty.   Some may be afraid to have more wealth.  In my previous article “Mental Health: Eliminate Personal Problems by self-communication“,  I have quoted an example that a value of rejecting to have more wealth would be created and embedded into one’s mind if one was poor and was told a value about money by one’s parents in one’s childhood.  In this case, one fears to be wealthy because one has been used to save money which this ideal has stopped one from attracting more wealth in future.


Some may have gone through incidents which unconsciously create seeds in their mind so they cannot be successful in their businesses or careers.  For example, there was someone who was able to create new businesses but every time the business fell down at the end.  Through deep communication, he recalled an incident that he was faint after standing at the playground under the sun listening to a principle’s speech for a long time.   When a classmate supported him walking to the clinic centre together, the classmate said “Why can’t you be persistent and you fall down quickly”.  The seed, “fall down”, was planted unconsciously at that time.  Therefore, when he grewn up, his business did not last long and the business “fell down” quickly.

Get Out Of Negative Emotion And Thinking

Our brain only follows positive language.  If one thinks about “do not be scary”, at the end one is scared.   When our mind is full of negative thoughts and ideals, there is much negative energy that our mind will be unable to attract positive results.  Like attracts likes.   Negative emotion and thinking pulls us away from wealth and successful careers.

Capability Of Actualisation

This is a final step but a very important step.  If one has a plan to build a business, one need to take action and do it.   Without a process of building a business, nothing will happen.  One may have a lot of ideals about creating different type of businesses.  However, one may never make the number of ideals happen.   Actualisation is also important to be wealthy and be successful.



What we think in our mind is reflected in our life.   Therefore, to get rid of all obstacles which stop us from being wealthy and successful, we can


n   Keep our mind positive and grateful for everything we have

²  Gratitude makes you “do nothing, accomplish everything”.  There is a story expressing such ideal.  Once, there was a person visiting a village where the land was drought for a long period of time.  He stood on the drought land and said “I appreciate I have experienced the dry weather and a life without water here, thank you.”  The next day, there was a heavy downpour nurturing the drought land.   If you asked for raining, your mind would have a value of deficiency.  Get rid of the value, deficiency, feeling abundance and being grateful all the time, you will get things for which you have not been asking.

n   Do self-communication to cleanse seeds

²  If a value, poverty, was planted in our mind, this negative attitude would have attracted negative results.  Removing the related seeds through self communication can change one’s mind and wealth will flow into our life.  Practising meditation can also increase your awareness and remove negative energy from your mind.

n   Be abundant in mind

²  When we are abundant, we will be able to help others and give what others’ need.  If you give, you will receive more.   

n   Ignoring doom economic environment

²  If you believe you do not have a job because of high unemployment rate, you will have the value of deficiency.  You will be trapped and will attract negative results.  With a more purified mind, follow your intuition and work it out regardless of current economic environment.

n   Have a value of “The More You Give, The More You Will Receive”




Positive and purified mind enable us to be wealthy and successful in our career life.


If you are passionately doing a business which offers help and services required by employees and customers, wealth will follow you.


Take action to actualize your plan and you will live an abundant life.

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