3 Tips On How To Detach Emotionally From Your Personal Issues Part Two                                                                                                     

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If you have missed the part 1 of 3 Tips On How To Detach Emotionally From Your Personal Issues, please click HERE.

Positive Thinking, Positive Language, Positive Action

Positive mind can help you to detach emotionally from your personal issues because our brain only follows positive languageNLP has got a full set of knowledge and skills telling us how to transform our mind through positive language.  These skills were developed based on a group of successful people.  Scientifically, the effectiveness of using positive language is proofed.


Like attracts like.  This is why some successful people can achieve their targets and earn much money.   If you can search and watch the interviews of those successful and rich people, they speak positive words most of the time.  Self-Help books also explain that positive attitude is one of the ways which make people successful and rich.  They manifest results they want at the end although they have experienced numbers of failure at the beginning.   They never stop due to failure.  They will try and learn until they have got the results.  They are positive all the time so they do not need to detach negative emotion.

In terms of subtle energy, negative thoughts are created and attracted by your negative attitude.   This negative energy will reside in your energy body.  This has pulled your vibration from high to low.   That means the possibility of manifesting a positive result will be lessened.   Usually, this type of energy is stored in one’s heart chakra which creates a block to reach positive energy.  To detach your negative emotion, it is better to stop thinking negatively and cleanse your energy body first.


Positive attitude will be effective only if you also speak positive language and act positively.  This positive attitude should penetrate through your mind, your action and your conversations.  Otherwise, it is like someone who wants a clean ceramic cup but uses the cup to drink dark tea all the time.


In past, I used one of NLP skill, positive language, to transform my attitude.  It worked out.  However, there was so much negative energy at my work place so I doubted and was attracted by negative thoughts sometimes.   If possible, leave negative environment temporary.  It helps to maintain your positive attitude but don’t rely on avoidance.  When you have to face it, one day, you will face it again and solve the problem yourself.  Remember, avoidance is a short-term solution.  


Practising Spiritual Teachings And Moral Teachings

Negative emotion comes from dissatisfaction of yourself (your ego) and your personality created by your past life and this life. 


Everything happens for a reason.  If you see the ultimate reason behind what have happened on you, you have seen the truths.


Why are you scolded by some people? 

Why do not you have people to help you?

Why were born in this family?


Spiritual and moral teachings enable you to live with good fortune and explain how the universe works.

Spiritual practices help you to improve yourself so that you will be more capable of answering any questions about your life, understanding and accessing the truths.


If you can let go of ego and be compassionate to all beings, the practices and teachings can be tremendously changing your life.  And then, you are “happy” and you will not need to detach from negative emotion.


Some may say “Well, it is impossible. Crazy”.  Please search for the people, gurus and spiritual masters who can do it.  There are a group of people who can let go of ego and be compassionate to all beings.  They have written books about it.  They have taught others to follow spiritual and moral teachings.



There are three steps to detach yourself emotionally from personal issues.


Solving all personal problems through self-communication can help you to realize the cause of the problems.  This is an unusual skills but it works quickly once you are good at it.


Positive language is a challenge as you battle with your habits.  You not only eliminate negative thoughts but also stop saying negative words and stop respond to your negative thoughts and negative conversations from others.


The former two suggestions are short-term.  The long-term solution is learning spiritual practices, spiritual and moral teachings.  They teach you how universe works.  They provide different methods to train yourself to detach from all kinds of emotion and to find your true self. 


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