3 Tips On How To Detach Emotionally From Your Personal Issues Part One                                                                                                     

14 Sep 2014  Posted in Mind and Body 

All Problems Originate From Ourselves And Cease by Ourselves.  To detach from negative emotion, we need to change our mind first because our mind creates our reality. 

I had an impulse to improve myself (see my story) so I dropped my negative attitudes and found out some useful tips shown in my article, Detach From Emotion

Transforming our mind is a challenging task as I have gone through it and I know how it is.  Now, I share my effective skills to let anyone detach quickly.


This article described the skills of emotional detachment in more details and divided the skills into 3 areas including

Solve All Personal Problems,

Positive Thinking and

Practising spiritual teachings and moral teachings.

Solve All Personal Problems

If a cup of water is clear, we can see how many ice cubes in the cup easily.  If the water is dark in colour, we hardly or cannot see ice cubes in the cup.


If one has more than 10 personal problems affecting one’s life every day, one will not see the causes of each problem clearly.

One will be busy tackling problems every day that one does not have much energy left to solve the main problems.  To find out the causes of personal problems, it is crucial to smooth away all personal problems first.

How To Identify Personal Problems

Are you having many personal problems?  If so, decide which problems should be solved first and see the following 10 points to classify the problems.

Think about the problems you have based on these 10 aspects of your life.


The individual Personality

What personality do you have? Which characters have stopped from improving your?



How do you communicate with our siblings and other people in different levels?


Roots and Origins

What circumstances influence your childhood and youth?  What is your attitude towards hearth and home?


Pleasure and Creativity

What does sexuality and eroticism mean to you?  Have you expressed creatively?  What makes you feeling pleasure?


Work and Routine

What do you do every day? How is your working environment?  What are your behaviours towards subordinates?

What are your attitudes towards health and hygiene?



How do you select your partners? What partnerships and relationships are you looking for?


Philosophies and Far countries

What does life mean to you? What is your view of world and living philosophies?
How do visiting foreign countries influence your attitudes?


Occupation and Calling

What affects your choice of profession? Do you get sense of calling?


Friends and Acquaintances

How do you treat your friends? How do you mingle with friends?


Beyond the Personal

What does spirituality mean to you? What is your belief?


If you clearly know what the problems are, you just list out the problems.


To solve the issue effectively, one needs to find a quite place to sit down and focus on contemplating one issue at a time.  


Keep asking yourself “why is it a problem for me?” many times until there is a picture in your mind or there is a voice in your mind telling you the cause of the problem.


If there is no answer, think about the problems and special events you have from childhood till now.  Then, ask yourself again “why is it a problem for me?”.


When the cause is found, the effect will stop.  Then you can start asking yourself with your second personal problem.


This skill is called self deep communication.  You may learn more about this skill from my articles


Spirituality: How To Purity Our Mind Via Self-Communication

Mental Health: Eliminate Personal Problems By Self-Communicaton

Other Skills To Find Out Personal Problems

If you are good at Zen Meditation, you can find out the cause of the problem through practising Zen meditation.  Please see the overview of Zen Meditation in my articleIt is better to join a class of Zen Meditation and learn from a Meditation master as he or she will point out the problems which you may not realize when you do it alone.


Zen Meditation is amazing skill which makes your mind focusing on one task so that your mind is relatively calm and you can see the cause of the problem.  When there is no wind, you can see your imagine reflecting on the lake like a mirror.  That is the “theory” behind practising Zen Meditation.



In my articles, Detach From Emotion, I have introduced other skills to detach from emotion such as exercises, burning a paper stating your problems and practising other types of meditations.    Exercises are good for keeping yourself happy while burning a paper stating your problems eliminates negative emotion from a past event.  The functions of other types of meditation are similar to Zen Meditation.   Just pick the skill which you feel that is right for you and which works on you. 

This is the end of Part 1 , to be continued… (Click HERE for Part 2)

What is your best way to do emotional detachment?  Please share by filling in the Reply  Form or leaving your comments below

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