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When I was studying at schools, I learnt the information about Sun from the subject.

It was explaining how Sunshine feeds all plants through photosynthesis.

This gives plants sufficient nutrients to live.

Therefore, Sun is very important.


Human beings need Sunshine to produce Vitamin D.

Besides, Sun transfers the essences of Sun to human beings.

Essences of Sun are substances from Sun.

These substances can be seen by Inner eyes.

Their colours are light golden mixed with light red.

Essences (in Chinese) refers to elements which are life forces to a body.

Therefore, it is very important to human’s bodies too.


When I was working in an ex employer overtime for years, I was staying inside the office.

I did not deliberately go out at weekend to see the Sun and might not have enough Vitamin D.

This might be the one of causes that I had spurs on my spine in past.

Since I have learnt spirituality, I start realize distance is never a blockage between everything including Sun.

I accidentally read a book and learnt to absorb the essences of Sun through visualization of a real Sun.

Through Sun visualization, the essences of Sun still can transfer to my body.

The essences of Sun flow into my body from my temple on the left hand side of my fore head.


Daoist priests have another way to absorb the essences of Sun.

It is to watch the sunset with eyes protected by sunglasses.

This is a direct way to absorb the essences of Sun.

Visualisation of Sun is a very convenient way to absorb the essence of Sun.

The capability of visualizing Sun in one’s mind varies among all people.

There are some conditions which enable one to visualize Sun quickly and clearly.

Therefore, watching the sunset for real is the best way for all people to absorb the essences of Sun.

With sufficient practices and experiences of visualization, absorbing the essences of Sun through visualization is another choice.



Visualizing the Sun can help to cleanse energy body too.

To attain the highest efficiency of visualization, it is better to learn it in a class (face to face).

The following procedure is for references only.


1) visualize a body changing into glass and everything inside a body becomes empty.

2) visualize the Sun ascending on top of the head and passing through the body.

3) Meanwhile, visualize the energy which is dark in colour is pushing out of the body through holes on the glass body.


This method helps to cleanse major chakras and Karma energy in a body.

Sometime, my chakras were blocked after visiting some places.

Visualization of Sun can help to cleanse the chakras quickly.

In past, this method did not work on me but now it is an effective method.

There are some conditions to make this method more effective.

It seems chanting scriptures and neutralizing one’s Karma can help to increase the efficiency of Sun visualization.


Besides the essences of Sun, a body also needs the essences of moon.

The essences of moon are Yin energy but the essences of Sun are Yang energy.

The balance of Yang and Yin energy in a body maintains healthiness of a body.

Essences also come from the foods we eat too when the foods absorb vital energy from the soil, the sun and water.

Absorption of essences from different sources is important to keep the balance of Yin and Yang energy in a body.

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