Subtly Interconnected

7 Feb 2016  Posted in Mind and Body 

Subtly Interconnected – This is the phase that I can think of when I am writing the topic about energy and messages.

Everything is energy and everyone has the ability to receive subtle messages from the universe and other people.

This ability is difficult to be realised when mind is talking like a monkey most of the time.


Before learning spirituality, I did not realise I had got messages from others intuitively or messages from the universe.

Since I have received cosmic energy and have done different spiritual practices, my perception of the world is changed.

I start believing everything has consciousness which has been explained in the book “Divine Matrix”.

Distance is not a problem at all when carrying out distant healing.  For example, a healer and a patient are located in different places but a healer uses some “skills” to heal a patient when the patient cannot come to see the healer face to face.

Once, there was a song called Rain by Madonna playing in my mind more than 5 minutes before it was raining….

Seeing is deceiving.  Appearances are delusive.


I have an assumption that….

Mind of people is originally interconnected.

However, the connection is lost when our mind is concealed by our emotion, values and habits.

If our mind is being purified, the connection will be activated gradually or dramatically.

The connection can be as strong as the relationship between a mother and a baby.

A mother knows a baby is crying even though the baby is out of the mother’s eyesight.

Sometimes, somebody will call this as intuition.

This is probably true and intuition is just the beginning of this subtle connection.


There are two cases of my personal experience giving you more idea what it is.


Opening Third Eyes


Once I have got a message from a friend saying that one of our common friends was going to take a course related the operation of a brain.

However, my friend did not know what it was as this common friend did not disclose the name of the course.

This common friend promised to tell all of us what it was after she had finished the course.

I told my friend “Was the course about opening Third Eyes? If so, it may be good for her.”.

About 3 days later, this common friend announced that she had taken the course about opening Third Eyes to extend human potential.


Transferring Money To My Personal Bank Account


Two weeks ago, I got the Payment Notice of Provisional Salary Tax of my colleague.

He is not working in the same city as I do so I asked him to choose the payment method to pay the salary tax.

I asked him by sending him an email at day time.

At night, I suddenly had an idea in my mind -  “It will be fine if he sends me money to my personal bank account in order to pay the salary tax.”

On the next day, I had got his reply asking me whether it was alright to put money into my personal bank account to pay the salary tax.

I read the time of sending his reply and it was about the same time as I had the ideal “It will be fine if he sends me money to my personal bank account in order to pay the salary tax.”.


What are these two cases showing?

The mind of human beings is similar to a radio.

If one can adjust to find the right channel, he or she will receive messages from others though the power of mind.

I am not the only one who can receive the messages in this ways.

Two or three of my friends can do something similar too.

I am sure everyone can do this when our mind has less and less wandering thoughts.

We are subtly interconnected.

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