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It is very important for a person who is a spiritual newbie to…


Remove negative subtle energy from a body

Strengthen chakras of a body




Trials and challenges happen more often when you persist to walk on your spiritual path which the purpose is to benefit all people in the world.

There are physical challenges and “subtle” challenges.



Sensitive to energy


Majority of people are not sensitive to energy.

Some people never become sensitive to energy after doing different types of spiritual practices.

I was told a person, who has practiced Qi Gong for a long time and has a strong energy body, is not sensitive to energy at all.


Some people are born to be sensitive to energy.

Some people become sensitive to energy after different types of spiritual practices.


If you are sensitive to any kinds of energy, it is easier for him or her to be attached by negative energy at the beginning.

In most cases, those people who are sensitive to energy do not know what energy it is and what is going on.

People tends to be afraid of something they cannot see and do not know like these.


“Be Courageous, Keep Positive and Overcome it”.

Solving problems can be an interesting thing to do.


When they pass by places or other people with negative energy, they may feel headache or will vomit.

Readers who have similar experiences will understand what it is about.

Purifying and strengthening your energy body through Yantra Yoga and Zhineng Qi Gong will help.



Keep Healthy


Once spiritual life is started, one may have a chance to be challenged by diseases.

If one is sick, one shall go to see a doctor for a cure first.

In some cases, one is still sick which cannot be cured after seeing doctors.

And then, sickness may be cured by other alternative methods.


Some spiritual practices are very powerful and can heal bodies.

Therefore, negative Karma i.e. sickness may arise earlier and happen longer when there are sufficient conditions.

However, if you are on the right track, negative Karma will end faster.

The following is my personal experience which has happened on some of my friends.


Two years ago, it took me 1 month to recover from flu – The standard recovery period is one week so my case was unusual.

Three months ago, I caught a cold.

In past, if I caught a cold, I usually had a running nose.

After doing spiritual practices, I rarely catch a cold.

Last summer, my ex colleagues caught a cold one by one and I was totally healthy.

In February 2015, I had a cold and felt hot like a fever but I did not have a running nose.

My spine was very aching.

Besides drinking weak medical herbal drinks, I recited Arya Sanghata Sutra once a day.

It took me 4 hours to recite it one time so I only did half or one third of the Sutra each day.

My spine pain was relieved after reciting half of the Sutra.

Therefore, I continued to recite Arya Sanghata Sutra one time on the second day.

When I felt tired because of the sickness, I laid on my bed and listened to a song sung by a spiritual master.

Once the song had started, my spine pain was gone totally and suddenly!

On the third day, I was totally recovered.

I broke my record.

In my life time, I did not recover from server cold in 3 days.

Throughout this process, I have verified that cold can be cured through reciting Arya Sanghata Sutra and listening to a song with spiritual soul.


Practicing Yantra Yoga and Zhineng Qi Gong can keep your body healthy and lessen the challenge of diseases.

Yantra Yoga can also remove negative energy causing diseases and Zhineng Gong can isolate yourself from negative energy to certain extent.


Lessening invisible Obstacles


Yantra Yoga can purify one’s mind and remove negative subtle energy.

When you mind is more purified, you will less likely attract negative energy.

Zhineng Qi Gong can strengthen one’s energy body.

When your energy body is stronger, negative energy cannot enter into your energy body easily.

You can concentrate on tackle trials and challenges you will have in your life.


Like attracts like.

If you think like other positive minds, you will attract positive energy only and vice versa.

Yantra Yoga and Zhineng Qi Gong are tools only.

The core part of a spiritual life is refining one’s mind and cultivation which is integration of one’s knowledge and practice.

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