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29 Jul 2015  Posted in Mind and Body 

Everything is energy.

Subtle energy is a kind of energy which cannot be seen by most people but your body absorbs it all the time.

It can be vital energy.

It is called prana, Qi, bindu / bindi, Ming Dian (明點)……

It looks like a white flashing globe floating in the sky.

If you are able to see aura, you may be able to see many of them floating in the sky around natural environments – hills, forests, along the shores, etc..

It can heal your body like medical herbs.

This may be the reason why people living in natural environments tend to have longer lifespan than the ones living in urban areas.


Absorbing Subtle Energy


The vital energy comes from flesh food.

It comes from flesh air.

You may obtain subtle energy through practising Yoga or Qi Gong.

It really depends what type of Yoga and Qi Gong you are practising.


Practising Yantra Yoga and Zhineng Qi Gong can absorb subtle energy.

At the beginning of this year, I have learnt Yantra Yoga.

Recently, I have started learning Zhineng Qi Gong.

Yantra Yoga and Zhineng Qi Gong are suggested by friends again and again so I have tried to learn them in a centre.

(At the beginning, I was not interested in learning Yantra Yoga and Zhineng Qi Gong as I had learnt a kind of Yoga and Qi Gong years ago.)

Since then, I understand more about the subtle energy.


Yantra Yoga


When I studied what was the main benefit of practising Yantra Yoga, the first answer, Self Realization, appeared.

I was asked to take a trial class to decide whether I should continue to join the classes.

It was divided into two parts – moving and sitting.

Moving is to move and hold at a special posture for minutes.

Sitting is to sit on the mat in crossed leg posture and visualize some pictures.


Through some movements and postures, subtle energy is “flooding” into a body through chakras.

Visualization combining with movements of part of a body removed negative subtle energy.


Zhineng Qi Gong


In past, I have learnt 2 types of Qi Gong from Taoism.

When I practiced them, I could feel Qi (warm or hot energy) running inside my body.

Once the movements of hands and legs were correct and the posture was correct, a Tai Chi organ would be moving and Qi was flowing throughout a body.


Tai Chi organ is similar to chakras. 

It is called an organ but it is subtle (not physical).

It appears only if one has moved and done special postures.


It was different body postures which activated the movement of Qi.

Other external methods were applied to absorb Qi and to increase integrating oneself with the nature i.e. direction one stands to do Qi Gong

Zhineng Qi Gong is different from what I have learnt in past.

It invites Qi to flow into a body through one’s mind.

This promotes integrating oneself with the nature.

Therefore, organs of a body will be energized and works effectively.


For most people, Yoga and Qi Gong can improve one’s health.

For a spiritual newbie, they are good “tools” to purify one’s mind and energize one’s body…..


…… to Be Continue in Subtle Energy in Qi Gong & Yoga 2

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Subtle Energy in Qi Gong & Yoga 2

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