Subtle Energy and Food

22 Nov 2015  Posted in Mind and Body 

On 20 Nov, I was dinning with a few friends talking about food.

We all had experiences to have diarrhea after eating some dishes or food in some restaurants.

However, diarrhea was not caused by hygiene of food… it was caused by other reasons.

These reasons were spiritual and related to subtle energy.


Raw seafood (Sashimi)


When I was a child and studying at school, I was eating any food based tastes.

I liked strong tastes of food and I liked eating sashimi.

My body did not react to any food at that time.

After I was working for my ex-employer overtime for years, I become sensitive to the quality of food.

Because my body was weak at that time, I had started choosing the food I ate every day.

First, I have quitted eating food of strong tastes and containing much MSG which help to stop eczema for me.

Then, I have quitted eating raw seafood (Sashimi) which helps to stop sore throat for me.

After purifying karmic subtle energy hidden in my body, I can eat food with much MSG and raw seafood again eventually.

As I am used to eat light food, I keep the habit of not eating food with MSG and raw seafood.

If I am offered these kinds of food, I will try to avoid.

This is the first stage that I could relate food to subtle energy.


Hidden subtle energy in food


Recently, I was going out to eat and try new restaurants for lunch.

I had diarrhea after drinking a soup and a plate of pasta in a restaurant.

I also felt sick and did not want to eat after eating a tart which was a gift from someone else.

This happened again after eating a cake which was a gift.

As I am practising different types of meditation and visualization recently, I tried to heal by expelling subtle energy which caused the sickness.

I was so surprised that I felt subtle energy which was 50 cm long in my esophagus…..

It took me 10 or 15 minutes to cleanse my energy body and I was recovered afterwards.


In an energy healing class, a teacher said the cook could affect the energy of the food.

Everyone has different emotion which may be staying in one’s energy body in form of subtle energy.

I will call it karmic energy when it is created by an action and one’s thought.

This type of subtle energy may be removed by bathing in a sea, energy body cleansing techniques and meditation.

If one’s mind is stillness, this type of subtle energy will not be created.

As far as I have observed, there is a very small group of people doing things like energy body cleansing, meditations.

A spiritual master said that more negative energy was accumulated in my home town this year.

Therefore, negative energy was transferred from the cook to the food.

If one ate the food and was sensitive to subtle energy, one would have felt sick and have diarrhea.

This is the mechanism of a body which will detoxify through diarrhea.

Our body really knows what we like and dislike.



Note: diarrhea seems to be common sickness that anyone may have due to eating dirty food.

When one has learnt spirituality and has done spiritual practices “correctly” for a period of time, common sickness will be eliminated.

For example, in past, I caught a cold easily and had severe nose allergy.  It took me one month or more to heal.

Since I have done spiritual practices “correctly”, I could stay healthy for months or more.

In December 2014, I was totally in a good shape when most of my ex colleagues were having flu one by one.

Therefore, I could tell the difference between common sickness and sickness caused by eating a type of subtle energy.




At the moment, my solution is to visit restaurants in my white list and bring my lunch box. 

I choose not to detect the food every time I eat them.

I guess eating at vegetarian restaurants will solve but I have not verified it.

The important thing is to strengthen our energy body so that we can get over any difficult situations.

Visualisation and Mediation can help to quickly expel this type of negative subtle energy from out body.


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