Subtle Energy and Essential Oil

13 Nov 2015  Posted in Mind and Body 

Last week, I was busy learning how to use essential oil in a private class.

I have bought several types of essential oil.

I applied it on my skin and boiled it on an essential oil burner.

My friend told me that essential oil is edible but we have to choose the good one.

Recently, I was told most essential oil sold in shops is mixed with chemical substances so sellers will not suggest to eat essential oil.

Only the essential oil, which is 100% made of pure oil of herbs, is edible.

My friend was explaining to me benefits of eating the essential oil of a specific brand name.

That is why I am interested in buying the essential oil of a specific brand name to heal my body.


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Full of Subtle Energy


When I bought a pack of essential oil, I was given a product catalogue of essential oil.

Some of major charkas were spinning actively in my body while I was reading the essential oil on the catalogue.

I surfed and read the website of the seller. 

When I was reading the pictures of fields of herbs (the origin of the essential oil) in the internet, I could feel the strong energy of abundant minerals in the soil. 

These really show the essential oil is made of high quality of herbs and plants.


In the private class, I witnessed the effectiveness of the essential oil.

I saw the aura of a person changing from partly gray in colour to brighter white in colour after applying a type of essential oil on one’s energy body.

I was so surprised the effectiveness of essential oil of such a brand name.


They produce essential oil nurturing positive emotion too.  Some people use it during meditation too.

When I have read positive comments related to using essential oil from some frequent users, I felt happy for them.


n   It is no doubt a positive tool to heal and create happiness.

n   It is easier to use subtle energy (prana) of essential oil

n   Benefits of each of essential oil can be found from books and in the internet.

n   Users clearly know where to apply essential oil and how to eat essential oil.

n   Benefits are verified by a group of frequent users.


Previously, I have learnt Pranic Healing.

It shows how to apply prana of different colour on an energy body or charkas to heal.

Both essential oil and Pranic healing are similar in some ways.

They both are subtle energy which can heal a body.

Subtle energy of essential oil comes from soil, water, sunshine and air (temperature).

Subtle energy of Pranic healing comes from several sources.  One of the sources is Prana in the air.


l   Prana of different colours can only be identified by practitioners whom are able to see colour of aura or an energy body.

l   It requires more spiritual skills such as good visualization skill to apply aura of different colour and ability to scan a body to find out the source of sickness.

l   If a practitioner heals someone with prana, he or she will deal with spiritual issues which are very subtle.

l   Practitioners may absorb negative energy from subject.  Practitioners shall be trained to know how to remove negative energy.

l   If the practitioner has sufficient conditions and applied prana correctly, healing can be very effective.


Benefits and disadvantages of a matter manifest based on conditions.

Everything changes based on Principle and Subsidiary Causes.



I had diarrhea on last Saturday night.

On the next day, I put 2 drops of edible lemon essential oil into a cup of water and drank it.

I felt subtle energy of lemon essential flowing around a colon.

Then a kind of subtle energy was being expelled through my head.

Afterwards, diarrhea was stopped due to the subsidiary causes, drinking edible lemon essential oil.

I enjoyed the benefits of eating essential oil.


This week, I read a message that an essential oil user has got skin rash after putting lavender essential oil on her neck.

It happened when she put lavender essential oil on her neck every time.

I was eating lavender essential oil of the same brand name as hers and it healed nose allergy a little bit.

I was thinking why she had skin rush after putting lavender essential oil on her neck.

I read the photo of her neck showing skin rash and discovered aura around her neck was dark in colour.

Using lavender essential oil might be the subsidiary cause which triggered skin allergy around her neck for her.

That might be the sickness caused by karmic issues.

In this case, using essential oil led to disadvantages.


When the time is right, choose the methods and tools which are right for you.

It may be useless for you now but it will change when the situation is changed.


I realize that more people buy essential oil than learning energy healing because it is easier to apply.

Emotion issues and sickness can also be cured by other spiritual methods such as confession and chanting scriptures or mantra.

Based on my observation, fewer people tend to solve issues this way because it is more difficult to face oneself, for example, admitting mistakes, doing a positive thing which one dislikes. I am happy to know more and more people challenge themselves and do positive things they dislike.  If you intend to do so, I will mentally encourage you. 


I have started spiritual life since 2012.

Many mysterious things have happened and it still does now.

It is very challenging to practise and verify spiritual truths.

Life is a matter of choice.

Choice can be very powerful.


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