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23 Sep 2014  Posted in Mind and Body 

When I accidentally became a spiritual newbie, I started reading books about spirituality.  A book suggested having a spiritual teacher is important for any spiritual newbies.   After a few trials in my life, I have realized how important it is to have a spiritual teacher at the beginning of our spiritual path because he or she will tell you what to do if you hear voice from spirits or see spirits.  


Based on the capability of six senses (sight, sound, smell, taste, feeling, thought), spiritual newbies may start hearing voice from spirits and seeing spirits or they may know there is something wrong without knowing there are spirits.  


What should we do if we know there are spirits and are attached by spirits or entities?  What is the attitude towards spirits and entities?


All living beings are equal.  Humans, spirits and entities are equal.  We are neither feeling scared nor feeling happy about seeing spirits and hearing voice from spirits.  Or else, we are losing ourselves and controlled by emotion.  


The more one feels scared, the more one attracts spirits and entities.  When seeing spirits or hearing voice from spirits, we better stay calm.  Everything happens for a reason.  The intangible law, cause and effect, governs our life.  Therefore, treat this spirit contact as a lesson and learn the meaning of this lesson. 


Our mind is a very special organ.  We have read news, books, tv shows, movies about spirits.  Those memories and feelings are stored in our mind.  Eventually, we give the meaning of spirits and strongly believe that is the correct value.  What is the emotion perceived from the different media broadcasting information about spirits?  In most cases, it is scary, mysterious and horrible.  Most of them are negative emotion.  As a result, what is our feeling when there is spirit contact?  Fear.


I am not saying whether it is right or wrong to present information of spirits in this way.  There is no right or wrong in this.  We have got to realize how far the media can affect our sub-conscious mind and then we break it with courage.  Courage is crucial in developing our spiritual life.


Basic attitude of learning spirituality is to respect the truths of the universe and respect teachers who teach us truths.  Then, we train to keep our mind serene and unaffected by the external world including spirits.


Learning moral teaching and doing spiritual practices transform our mind.  They may also make us more sensitive to negative energy orginated from some spirits and entities – part of them radiate negative energy but not all.   Spiritual newbies may be adversely affected by negative energy.  They may feel sick, have headache and in some cases, they vomit.


There are a few methods to protect yourself from contacting spirits and entities but purifying your mind to get rid of fear will tremendously help you to become less vulnerable to negative energy.  Please try your best to purifying your mind while trying the methods below.


n   Visualise yourself embedded by an egg-shape golden aura

n   Avoid going to other places when you are weak or exhausted

n   Tip a drop of organic sandalwood essential oil on your forehead, the centre area between your eyebrows. – if your skin is sensitive, mix a drop of the oil with a table spoon of carrier oil. 



Once we have started our spiritual path, we should respect the truths of the universe and train ourselves to keep our mind serene and unaffected by the external world including spirits.  Our attitude towards spirits is neutral – not fear or love.


Some methods mentioned in this article can prevent you from contacting spirits and entities which have negative energy.  However, do not rely on these methods.  If there is no fear in your mind, you will not attract negative energy.   Keep purifying our mind is essential.


Besides purifying your mind, thoroughly understand the nature of spirits enable you to eliminate the fear of spirits.  An article about the nature of spirits is coming soon.


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