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30 Aug 2014 Posted in Mind and Body 

In my previous article, Mental Health: Eliminate Personal Problems by Self-Communication, I have explained how to clean the seed (the cause of a problem) through self communication.  This skill, self communication, can transform our life and make us understand why it is so important to purify our mind.   While I saw people around me and myself suffering from diseases, difficult relationship, etc., I have read books and scriptures related to spirituality.  Since then, I have started doing different types of spiritual practices to improve myself and my life.  It works out most of the time so I keep learning and taking a trial.  Self communication is one of them which I have tried and the result is amazing – my wandering thoughts are decreasing.    The reason of having wandering thoughts will be stated in this article.


My Experience of Applying Self Communication

I spend about one hour to three hours to do spiritual practices every day.  All of them are just like Zen Meditationfocus on doing one task.  I also have wandering thoughts when doing spiritual practices.  Two years ago, I had so many wandering thoughts that I heard a voice murmuring in my mind when I saw almost every person I knew every day.  It was tremendously decreased once I have started a kind of a spiritual practice.  Recently, there were still some wandering thoughts in my mind when doing spiritual practices. 


I was concentrated on reciting a mantra, meanwhile, there was a thought about one of my friends.  (I respect all of my friends and everyone is unique in many ways so they are all good.  There is no label such as smart, stupid, attached on them because I believe everyone is equal.)   However, this wandering thought about one of friends was negative which was “she was stupid…”. 


I was surprised that I had such thought about her as I firmly agree she is funny and smart.  That is why I started self communication and asked myself why I had such thought.   A short memory popped up.  The answer was stunning – once I was on the line with a friend criticizing her she was a stupid woman because she had done something wrong (in the polemist’s point of view).  This “polemist” has also stuck the same label “stupid woman” on the other friend.


Of course, once I knew the cause, the effect has gone.  Such wandering thought has no longer appeared when I am doing spiritual practices again.  


How Does Our Mind Work?

This really makes me insist to pay attention to all conversations I have read or heard constantly and try my best to detach critics about my friends or anyone from my mind.  I will use some terms described in the table namely The Eightfold Network of Primary Consciousnesses in this website - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alaya, to explain how the whole thing works out.


1.     I heard a comment “stupid women” from my friend through my ear, hearing, ear consciousness.

2.     My mind, mental consciousness, analysed this comment and decided I would not take action as it was my friend’s opinion.

3.     This comment was stored in my alaya (part of my mind) but I did not realize this.

4.     Manas (part of my mind) attached to this comment, treated it as if it was my opinion (In fact, I felt that was my opinion for a second when this comment popped up in my mind).

5.     When I was doing spiritual practices- focus on doing one task, six consciousnesses (eye, ear, nose, tongue, body and mental) were closed.  When my mind was relatively purified like a light bulb covered by small amount of dusts and six consciousnesses were closed, this comment appeared in my mind.  


 Luckily, I have done spiritual practices everyday that I have realized this negative thought and known how to remove it.  Otherwise, it may become my values about my friend.   If I knew my friend doing something against my values, I would have criticized my friend nurturing a judgemental attitude in my mind.


Believing in spirituality and doing spiritual practices are one of the ways to improve ourselves and our life.

Self communication helps to remove the seed (the cause of the problem) from our mind so that our mind is more purified.

At the same time, we need to observe our thoughts and other’s conversations so that we can maintain our pure mind.

After reading or hearing negative information, try your best to detach yourself from the information. 

In addition, try to learn and understand more truths to nurture a righteousness mind.

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