Spirituality And Hearing, Pondering, Cultivating And Verifying

12 Feb 2015  Posted in Mind and Body 

In my post “Announcement New Direction Of This Web Site”, I announced that I will explain a topic with more scientific evidence.

Now, I have to re-write this announcement.


“I will explain a topic with more scientific evidence and truths verified through experiences.”


This change has been caused by learning Yantra Yoga.

At the end of Jan 2015, I was recommended to join the course of Yantra Yoga.

I experienced that how Yantra Yoga has purified my body so I do Yoga regularly.

I have realized I was still attached to the part of knowledge which I have learnt in past.

It was like a photo frame. 

The photo was so beautiful that I was reluctant to walk out of the photo frame.

To improve and transform oneself, it is important to break every photo frame one has had in his or her mind.

Therefore, besides scientific evidence, verifying truths from time to time are also important in our spiritual life.

Truths can be realized Hearing, Pondering, Cultivating and Verifying.


Spirituality is related to the process of personal transformation leading to self improvement and life improvement.

Spiritual practices can help us to transform.

There are many types of spiritual practices.

Which type of practices should I do?

Let’s take Yoga as an example.

There are numbers of branches divided from Vedic Yoga and Shivas Yoga.

Which type of yoga classes should I join?

To Hear

I can read information from books and website to understand the benefits of practising a type of Yoga.

I can ask for comments from friends and relatives who regularly do yoga.

Scientifically, Yoga heals our body as some postures accelerate our blood circulation and metabolism.

Yoga is also a way to achieve self realization which cannot be proved by science as it is something that we cannot see or touch.


To Ponder

How could we proof that Yoga can help to reach self realization when there are no such scientific proofs?

To find out the answers, we can ask friends, relatives, teachers who have done Yoga for a period of time.

Another way to find out the answer is by doing it yourselves.

Evaluate all risks that it may have based on condition of your body.


To Cultivate

One of the ways to check whether Yoga can lead to self-realisation is to practise Yoga.

Select a type of Yoga that you feel right for yourself and practise constantly.

If there is no evident effect, then practise other types of yoga to see whether there is effect similar to self-realisation.

Practising is the only way to realize the truths and the effectiveness.

To Verify

You may see some changes in your mind after practising Yoga for a period of time.

Even though there is no effect after many trials of different types of yoga, the result may vary from time to time.

Therefore, try again when the time has come.

If you have awakened through practising yoga, is it the only thing which you can do to reach self-realisation?

Then, it is better to go back to the step one, To Hear, and learn other methods which do the same purpose and go over 4 steps again.

Applying this process over and over again until you see the truths.


The technique of To Hear, To Ponder, To Cultivate and To Verify looks simple.

In practical, it is the process which is going against one’s ego because…


l   One needs to maintain discipline to implement this technique at any time.

l   One needs to accept one’s all “photo frames” in the mind and be courage to walk away from them.



If you can ultimately let go all “photo frames”, what you have done in your daily life can lead to self-realisation when your purpose is right.

At that moment, you will put aside previous spiritual practices and go forward without them.

When you can see the non-material side of the world, you will realize this point.

It does not mean spiritual practices are useless.

It just means different people have different needs.


Whatever spiritual stage you are, the technique of To Hear, To Ponder, To Cultivate and To Verify are essential in your spiritual path.

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