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24 Jan 2016  Posted in Mind and Body 

Helping people in need is really a good deed such as donation and volunteers.

The funds and services are provided to charities to help a group of people.

When one asks me to help him or her for spiritual issues, I have a specific condition to decide whether I shall offer help or not.

Our world is “governed” by Karma.  Karma is a set of consequences generated based on one’s thoughts, one’s speeches and one’s behavour.

Karma is something I need to take into account after I have been asked for help.

In past, I disregard Karma and helped people when I was asked to.

After several occasions and experiences of helping others through spiritual methods, I have found out the conditions that I can help others without disturbing the balance sheet of Karma of requesters.


Let’s assume that one has rented a place to offer services helping other spiritually.

There are 3 conditions enabling one to help the requester:


1.         The requester has to go to the place to reach one for help wherever the place is.

2.         The requester has to ask one to help directly.

3.         The requester has to pay for the services offered.


If one does not have a place to offer services and does not get money to offer services, then it really depends on the views of karmic debtors of a requester based an experienced spiritual master who offers help free of charge. 

I tend to follow his point of view and I explain why I follow his solution by the following 2 experiences.


Experience 1

One of my friends tended to ask me to confirm the causes of health problems she had.

It is different from consulting a doctor because a doctor tells one the causes of sickness based on tools and medical knowledge learnt at schools.

I am a kind of medical intuitive so I can see the flow of energy in her energy body through my inner eyes.

I have offered her services mostly free of charge for around 6 times.


When the requester asked me to scan the energy body, the requester had given me the permit to do so verbally.

I had been following this spiritual rule – no verbal request, no scanning. 

With her permits, there were still twice that her karmic debtors (spirit orbs) came to me after scanning.

I did not listen to what they said and it was so obvious they were angry with me.

Once, I tried to get their approval to tell my friend that karmic debtors (spirit orbs) were angry with her but failed.

I finally realized that it was her karmic debts and she was responsible for paying back the debts to her karmic debtors (spirit orbs).

That means she needed to for examples, suffer from sickness or pay money to doctors, to pay the debts – this is the consequences of her Karma.  You reap what you sow.


I chose the way the experienced spiritual master did when he had the similar case.

It is to let karmic debtors (spirit orbs) collecting their debts through her sickness until they satisfy.

I know her karmic debtors had still not yet forgiven her because their orbs were mostly black in colour.

I finally made up my mind and rejected her requests twice afterwards.


At the same time, I cannot straightly explain why I denied her request as her karmic debtors did not allow me to. 

If I told her the spiritual reason of her sickness without the approval of her karmic debtors on this issue, I would have a severe headache.

Headache is a sign given by karmic debtors (spirit orbs) meaning “Stop doing that, I am very angry with you!!”

If I see my energy body with my inner eyes at that moment, I will probably see a very big black spirit orb staying on my head.


Remarks: I am not angry with the black spirit orb.  It is poor for the black spirit orb to stay in the world we live in now because of anger and hatred.  Therefore, I have learnt how to make black spirit orbs calm down and drop their negative emotion so that they will leave this world willingly.


They have spiritual permits to do this because it was my friend’s karma and my friend has to pay back the debt and no one can interfere.

Telling someone the spiritual reasons without someone’s initiation is interfering Karma.

If I insist to tell her so in this case, I will suffer and take the responsibility too.  This is the Law of Karma.



Experience 2

There is another friend who asked me to remove unwanted energy from his energy body.

When he asked me verbally, I had got the permit to help him.  That was fine.

To help him cleansing his energy body, we had to go to a Christian Centre.

When I helped him, he had to put his effort to complete this request.

For example, he had to decide whether to go the Christian Centre or not when it was raining.

He had to give me a ride and drove me to the Christian Centre – It is not me to get a car and drive him to the Christian Centre.

That was his effort he had to “pay” to help himself.


However, when he talked about his experience of seeing spirits and I wanted to share my similar experience, I had a headache….

I knew karmic debtors of my friend were angry so I changed my mind and did not tell him my experience straightly.

I can see the line for what I can say and I cannot say in this case.

When one can see more, one has higher responsibility to follow the Law of Karma and not to interfere it.


When I see the real causes of sickness and people are suffering from different issues without knowing why every day, I want to help them.

However, I cannot take the initiative and frankly tell them the reasons.  This interferes the Law of Karma.

In addition, some do not believe in spiritual world and spirit orbs so they will be annoyed and feel strange – if I explain frankly.

It will be my fault if I make others feeling uncomfortable.

My website, here, is a good platform to express the information like this.

As it is the readers who take the initiative to read my blog posts, this is not interfering the Law of Karma.

The readers can choose to keep reading or leave this website.

Of course, I hope readers will not be annoyed and afraid after reading my blog posts.

I am just telling the truths which I have verified.

I hope others will not make the same spiritual mistakes as I did and be spiritually smart.

Therefore, I share my experience in this website.




All post blogs are based on my experience and personal verification matching up with the truths I have learnt from scriptures, books and spiritual masters.

The blog posts may be not very systemic and short as they are based on my daily life.

I have not written down my experience in full as some cases are very frightening and scary - Sorry that I cannot be honest to express all the information.

When I writing every post, I express positivity – not scare - in order for every reader to receive positive energy from my blog posts.

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