Spiritual Laws To Improve Life

15 Feb 2016  Posted in Mind and Body 

Applying spiritual laws is one of many ways to improve our lives.

It is a subtle method to change our destiny.

Desirable results can be verified through practising spiritual laws.

To improve our lives, it is important to accumulate as many “merits” as possible.

Merits are similar to depositing money at your karmic bank.

The more merits one has accumulated, the higher possibility a better life can be manifested.

There are three things we shall practise all the time


1)     Charity

One of the easiest ways to do charity is to give donations e.g. money, food, necessities without asking for rewards. 

If one is good at doing something and teaching others, one can pass knowledge or skills to others without asking for rewards.  Doing voluntary work such as teaching children English in a poor village can be a kind of charity.

If one is prosperous and clever, one can offer help to others who are suffering and in difficult situation without asking for rewards.  This is also charity too.

I reckon charity is one of the easiest way for most people to accumulate merits as long as one has money and wisdom.



2)     Morality


This is referring to moral practice including

l   Abstaining from killing a living thing;

l   Not stealing;

l   Abstaining from sexual misconduct;

l   Not lying;

l   Not using an intoxicant.


Keeping this moral practice and encourage others to keep these five precepts is another way to accumulate merits.



3)     Meditation


Meditation which is carried out properly cannot only develop inner wisdom but also train one’s mind to concentrate and focus.

Therefore, stillness mind will last longer and longer.  

As one becomes more intelligent through meditation, one will realise and understand the truths faster.

All of these can transform into merits.



Charity is not the only way to accumulate merits but moral practice and meditation will do the same too.

The power of one’s vow to carry out these methods will also determine the amount of merits one will receive.

If one also carries out these methods from the bottom of one’s heart, more merits will be created.

I will focus on explaining good karmic results of donating constantly with my personal experience.



My Personal Experience Of Donation


I have started to donate since 2012.

In past, every morning, I read a passage called Millennium Blessing and put money into a cup for storage.

On the cup, I put a label “Doing good is the greatest source of happiness”.

Periodically, I will take some money from the cup to donate.

I had done this for less than a year and then I stopped the whole thing.

Then, I donated wherever there was a box for donation but I did not do this constantly or periodically.

In 2014, I read a small book suggesting to donate for printing scriptures which would be distributed free of charge.

At the beginning, I spent some money to donate randomly.

When I can afford to, I have spent one tenth of my salary to donate to the same organization in order to print and distribute free scriptures.

Sometimes, I did donate to other organizations but I have donated to print free scriptures every month.


Changes of my life are obvious since I have done donations.

I am sure donations have contributed to some of changes in my life as donations create merits which enable us to improve our lives.

I have got an ideal job working with some nice people for almost a year.

I can understand more truths from scriptures when the donations are related to print free scriptures.

People who have read free scriptures will understand more truths and help to improve their lives.

Based on the Law of Karma, you reap what you have sowed.

As I indirectly give wisdom of the truths to others free of charge, my mind will be developed to understand more the truths from scriptures.

Those people also will improve their lives by practising the truths learnt from free scriptures I have donated.

As their lives have been improved, so am I based on the Law of Karma.

These changes are less obvious so one has to observe and spot the changes intentionally.

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