Spiritual Laws Of Gratitude And Prayer

22 Jan 2016  Posted in Mind and Body 

In my last blog post, I shared my experience of helping my friend who was eager to cleanse his energy body.

To cleanse the energy body, I suggested my friend to go to Silent Room in the Christian Centre.

On top of that, he can choose to carry out spiritual practices in terms of explicit behaviour and implicit mentality.

Spiritual practices of explicit behaviour help to connect with sacred energy.

Spiritual practices of implicit mentality nurture our mind and enable us to get closer to the God.

We were busy when visiting the Christian Centre, therefore, I did not discuss with him about spiritual practices.

Now, I am sharing the spiritual practices which may be helpful for anyone to cease the accumulation of negative energy in a heart chakra and cleanse an energy body.


Spiritual practices - explicit behaviour


In a Christian Boarding School, the followings were the activities which students would do with teachers who were clergymen.


In the morning:

When students just woke up, they would say together “Thank you, God.” (Thanks for God that I can live today.)

Then, they chanted scripture and then went to Mass.


Before Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner:

Students chanted prayers such as the Angelus and said “Thank you, God.” (Thanks for God giving us food.)


Before going to a bed:

Students reviewed what happened on that day to find out their mistakes. 

Then, they would ask God for forgiveness.


When I am recalling this schedule now, I am thinking that these activities seems to be related to some spiritual laws


Law of Gratitude


If one is truly grateful for things he or she has, the energy of gratitude will flows to the surroundings and the people around.

Then the energy will be returned back to oneself.   One who gives will receive more gratitude.

Gratitude transforms one into a person who will be content with his or her life.

When one satisfies with his or her life, one will not focus on what one does not have.

Therefore, gratitude stops negative thoughts.

Then, one will have higher potential to attract what he or she wants.

Gratitude is the seed of abundant life



In past, I was complaining about my life when I felt difficult in doing my jobs.

I did not have many friends giving me comfort.

I was living in the cycle of the miserable career (see my story).


Since I wanted to live a happy life, I have transformed my mind.

After learning spirituality for three years, I have started expressing gratitude for the best things I have in my life.

Gradually, I have got the current job which the employer is good to me.

I work less hours and do fewer tasks than I was used to be – some of my friends and relatives are working over time constantly.

I am grateful that I can work for the current employer.

There are some unexpected things returned.

My salary was supposed to be increased when I have been working for them more than one year.

At the moment, I work in this company less than one year.

Since January 2016, my salary has been increased to compensate for the lack of medical benefits…

-        in my home town, it is legal if an employer does not buy medical insurance for employees.  The company owner wanted to buy medical insurance for me but there were not many insurance companies offering corporate medical insurance for one employee. Therefore, they did something else to compensate at the moment.

The company owner and his daughter bought me chocolates themselves…

-        none of my ex superiors had bought me something themselves in past.  If I had got gifts from ex-superiors, usually, it was instructions from the employer or suggestions from others. 

I realize that my negative thoughts, which were expressed through complaining, caused my miserable life in past.

After learning spirituality and practising, now, I feel wholesome and abundant. 



Law of Prayer


I read this “Law of Prayer is – ask, believing and it is granted. Faith is the ingredient in bringing your prayers about” in the book called A Little Light On The Spiritual Laws. 

For a few months, I was praying every morning for an ex-colleague whom was working with me for years.

I was praying and blessing that she would feel happy everyday because she was mean to me in some situations.

It was different for me to work with her when she had something to against me.

I had tried to be peaceful with her when handling a project together and she wanted a war

The war was stopped at the first day I had prayed.  

I have stopped such type of praying since I have left the company because I have not seen her anymore – Sometimes, I hope she will have a better life.

Prayers can be very powerful to solve a relationship if the message of the prayer is positive and highly beneficial to the person spiritually.


I am very interested in how every prayer feels when he or she is reading a prayer.

I felt my spirit was washed by warm and soft subtle energy when I chanted a prayer of silence.

Our energy body can be cleansed through Prayers.

Prayers can detoxify our mind too and help one to connect with God.




I don’t know whether my friend who needs help to cleanse his energy body has followed the law of Gratitude and the law of Prayer.

He was going toward the correct direation as he has being observed his thoughts and behaviour in order to cultivate his mind.

It is good if everyone can follow the spiritual practices mentioned preciously.

The essential part of spirituality is to cultivating and refining our mind every day.

When one is practising the spirituality laws with kindness, his or her gratitude and prayers will be magnified.

When your mind is transmuted through Gratitude and Prayers, your life will be changed.


As within, so without. 

The power of our mind is unlimited when we are born to be capable of making our dreams come true.

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