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The season changes and so does my life.

Now, it is spring and flowers start blossoming.

In my life, there are new things growing up so I spend much time studying them.

Hence, I have less time writing and publishing one article per week.


In past, I was working in different offices but I was required to work fast.

Think fast, type fast and work fast.

I tried to follow the pace of works in every workplace.

Fast represents efficiency and becomes a norm of work places.

To think fast, I slept shallowly.

To type fast, my muscles contracted constantly.

Repetitive behaviour became habitual behaviour.

Then, I was often sleeping shallowly and my muscles were contracting frequently.

To certain extent, these had affected my health.


My mind tried to think fast but it could not meet “social” requirements – expectations from the people I was working with.

I minded that I could not meet others’ expectation (quick responses) and the only thing I could do was leaving.

Then, in other workplaces, I had given up my principles and allowed others to do what they wanted.

Some of them had crossed the lines and I still ignored them so they did so again and again.

Eventually, I became stressful and the energy related to the stress was created and accumulated in my body.


If muscles of a body are tense, it will take time to train the muscle to relax. 

If a mind is tense, observing how a mind works will be the certain way to tranquilize the mind.  We just need to exert effort and do it ourselves.


The point of balance our mind and bodies is to do it slowly and to focus on one task every time.

Keeping your principles simultaneously is also important to balance of our mind and bodies when we are influenced by others.


Without my principles, I was scanning anyone’s energy body as per his or her request in past.

The consequences were taking years to cleanse my energy body and helping people who did not truly need my help.

In some cases, they needed to learn the lesson themselves and it was better not to offer help.

One of my friends who is used to ask me to scan whenever there is something wrong.

I did quickly as per the requests every time in past and then I was asked many questions afterwards.

The issue was unsolved even thought I scanned – My friend did not truly need my help at all.

I was once confused whether I should help or not and did not know how to deal with it.


Now, I have my principles and have stopped scanning for other’s request most of the time.

When I am asked for help and to scan, I just say “I just intuitively see what it is.”

Intuition is not a kind of scanning and I perceive the subtle message by feeling slowly.

I will observe what will happen afterwards.  This will slow things and keep my principles.

Besides doing things slowly, our mind shall concentrate to observe the meaning behind the request.

It will help to choose the effective method to help others.


We can slow down our movement and it is important to cultivate our mind to focus at the same time.

In this way, we can relax and work things out effectively.

There are activities that can help us slowing down.

Walking Meditation. Qing Gong. Yoga. Tai Chi. Drawing.

Focusing on your mind and body when constantly staying in an environment where people are mostly influential.

If you cultivate your mind thoroughly, eventually, you have chances to chance the environment.

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