Sightseeing Spots And Spirituality- Part 2                          

9 Oct 2014  Posted in Mind and Body 

This is Part 2 of Sightseeing Spots And Spirituality.

If you have missed Part 1, please click HERE to read.

Relationship Between Spirituality And Sightseeing Sports

Doing spiritual practices will purify our mind.

We are learning to cease all kinds of emotion to keep our mind clean.

The speed and the progress of mind purification are different among all people.

If there is a large amount of negative energy in our mind, we will attract the same type of energy at anywhere.

Going to sightseeing spots or places radiating positive energy will cleanse etheric bodies.

Therefore, ones will be calm and may get rid of misfortune after visiting the places many times.

Going to historic tombs with negative energy will lower your vibration.

If you did not realize it and did not purify your etheric body, you would likely have more misfortune afterwards.


One of the ultimate goals of truth seekers is trying their best to eliminate negative attitudes in their mind and detach from all kinds of emotion.

When they still attach to some negative attitudes, cleansing their etheric bodies will be a short-term solution.

In the long run, detaching all kinds of emotion will reduce the possibility of attracting negative energy from anywhere.
Keeping positive attitudes all the time and we will not be affected by any kinds of subtle energy.

Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery

I was told that there was a dried corpse of a venerable master in “Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery”.

It emitted a kind of subtle energy sheltering the whole monastery.

As I had not seen a dried corpse of any venerable masters, I decided to go to the monastery.


The venerable master was a Buddhist.  He has passed away but his body does not yet decay.

Because of many lives of spiritual practices and preaching Buddhism with a compassionate and enlightened mind, his corpse will never decay.

It was dry and had been shrunk. This phenomenon cannot be explained by science now. 

He is not the only one whose corpse will never decay in Asia.

There are a few cases in Inland China and Taiwan.


“Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery” was built on the slope of a hill. 

It took me 15 minutes to walk from the bottom of the hill to the monastery.

Usually, hills emit the aura of bright green colours.

In this monastery, the colours of the aura were mostly white.

Probably was it radiated from the dried corpse of the venerable master.

There were statues of buddhas, deities, gods and goddesses.

I was told some deities would leave the monastery at the certain period of time every day.

When I was walking by some statues of deities, gods and goddesses, one of them had no golden aura.

That means a deity was away for “working” elsewhere temporary.

Most of them were radiating golden auras covering half area of the monastery.


I felt relaxed and calm when I was walking around the monastery.

I also felt that I was more energized and positive.

As mentioned previously, spirituality and sightseeing spots are related.

My etheric body was affected by the subtle energy radiated from this monastery.

Therefore, I felt calm and energized when I was “bathing” in golden auras and white auras.

Definitely was my etheric body cleansed in the monastery.


The best time to visit this monastery is from 9 am to 4pm.

Try to visit this monastery at the day time.

Feel the energy field of this monastery yourselves.

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