Sightseeing Spots And Spirituality- Part 1                          

7 Oct 2014  Posted in Mind and Body 

Spirituality and sightseeing spots look like an orange and an apple but to certain extent we will be affected by the subtle energy of sightseeing spots.

When we have started doing spiritual practices, we will be more sensitive to subtle energy and know where we should go or should not go.

Sightseeing spots radiate a kind of subtle energy. 

Based on attitudes and mindsets, etheric bodies will change after visiting these places.

For those who are spiritual newbies, they may realize the changes and will pay attention about it.

This article is to explain how it happens.

What Is Spirituality?

Spirituality is the knowledge of personal transformation. 

Doing different types of spiritual practices, our life can be changed.

Our mind, bodies and spirits will be transformed gradually or tremendously.

Our bodies operate like antennas without the ability to search all channels.

Starting spiritual practices, our bodies are able to tune to receive signals from channels.

Signals are received by our six consciousnesses (eye, ear, nose , tongue , body and mind).   

The capabilities of the six consciousnesses vary among all people.

We perceive the signals differently.

For example, some will be able to see the colour of the subtle energy whereas others will feel the warmth of the subtle energy.

This is the by-products of spiritual practices – not the main purpose of doing spiritual practices.

This is something we should not be addicted to but it does affect our bodies.

Spiritual seekers will vomit when getting close to the subtle energy of many sad spirits.

The attitude of spiritual seekers should be neither feeling afraid nor feeling annoyed about this type of the subtle energy.

Learning the causes will help us to avoid the problems and be courageous.

This is another side of spirituality.  

Subtle Energy Of Sightseeing Spots

Everything emits different types of subtle energy.

Sightseeing spots radiate subtle energy which may be positive or negative.

I would like to empathize that


“The ideas of ‘positive’ and ‘negative’ are relative, and are within the realm of duality.

These terms cannot be applied to Absolute Truth, which is beyond duality and relativity.

In order to learn easily, emotions and feelings are classified into positive and negative in this article.”


Historic places such as asylums and tombs accumulate more subtle energy of depression and anger whereas some ancient churches and monasteries likely radiate subtle energy which tranquilizes your mind. 

Positive energy is subtle energy which tranquilizes and energizes your mind and body.

Negative energy refers to subtle energy of hatred and sadness. 

If you are highly intuitive or you are purifying your mind for a long time, you will unconsciously be going away from the places where accumulate a large amount of negative energy.

People who have done spiritual practices for a long time may feel and see auras or subtle energy of sightseeing spots.

As the capabilities of six consciousnesses differ, a few people feel something wrong but cannot see subtle energy.

Therefore, they may be unaware they are affected by subtle energy originated from some sightseeing spots.

This is the End of Part 1

Please click HERE to read Part 2

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