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11 Mar 2016  Posted in Spirituality

“Should I be a healer?” - It refers to the healer who injects subtle energy into one’s body to order to heal.

It was the subject I wanted to write 2 years ago. 

As it was very controversial, I did not write about it.

I feel I am ready to write about this now and I list the conditions that make someone to be a good healer.


A healer uses vital energy or subtle energy which is usually cannot be seen by eyes to heal someone.

Vital energy or subtle energy refers to vital energy in the air, in the ocean or in the land.

Sacred energy can also be applied in healing.  It is originated from divines and gods.

Sometimes, symbols are used to transfer subtle energy from the universe.

Basically, these are types of energy possibly applied in healing.


Healing someone with subtle energy is not only about injecting and expelling energy, but also about dealing with psychological and karmic issues.

Psychological issues create thought forms/entities and attract karmic debtors (spirits).

It is possible that someone has severe karmic issues so he or she has karmic debtors (spirits) inside the body.

If it is related to spirits which are very strong and powerful, the healer needs to know how to deal with them.


Therefore, as a professional healer, he or she shall….


-Have a body of full of Yang energy and unblocked energy channels.

There are 2 ways to inject subtle energy.

The first method is to pull subtle energy from somewhere outside a healer which the energy will go through the healer’s body for injecting it into one’s body.

The second method is to pull subtle energy from somewhere and inject it into one’s body directly (without going through the healer’s body).

Both methods require the healer to be full of Yang energy and his or her energy channels have to be unblocked.

This is the basic requirement to enable the healer to inject subtle energy.


-Be able to see human aura, entities, spirits, gods, divines, etc..

When a healer will inject subtle energy into one’s body, the healer needs to understand the condition of one’s body.

The healer can decide whether to inject subtle energy into one’s body or not.

Through the process of injection, entities or spirits are possibly flowing in or out the healer and one’s body.

After injection of subtle energy, the healer may be disturbed by entities or spirits.

The healer has to understand the whole situation to tackle any issues caused by the injection of subtle energy.


-Be able to see, feel and use subtle energy accurately and properly.

As a professional healer, this is important to ensure the subtle energy is being injected into one’s body accurately.

The healer has to scan and find out the blocked energy channels of one’s body so that the healer knows where to work on.

These increase the efficiency of healing.


-Be aware of subtle energy flowing in and out of the body.

The healer needs to be able to distinguish the subtle energy or anything flowing from one’s body to healer’s body.

When this happens, the healer shall be able to identify and expel the subtle energy which will cause sickness.

Otherwise, the healer may be sick after the accumulation of the subtle energy through healing a few people.


-Be able to understand the rules of spiritual world.

When the healer helps one through injection of subtle energy, the healer will take part of karma from him or her.

Therefore, the healer has to balance the karma afterwards.

Or else, the aura of healer will be affected.

Please see my previous post Spiritual Laws and Help about the rules for deciding whether to offer help or not.


-Be obtaining a divine order and supported by divines.

If the healer has got the divine order, he or she can offer help and services in a proper manner.

He or she may be able to increase types of services and see the true cause of one’s issue.

When the healer is supported by divines, he or she will be protected.

Therefore, there will be no adversely effect after injection of subtle energy into one’s body.


-Have unconditional love and is better to a vegetarian

The thoughts of a healer can be transferred from the healer to others through the injection of subtle energy.

If those thoughts are negative, these will influence one’s mind.

Meanwhile, thoughts from others will also be transferred to the healer through the injection of subtle energy.

When the mind of the healer is full of unconditional love, he or she will be detached from negative thoughts from anyone through the injection of subtle energy.

Moreover, the healer may influence one’s mind by “dissolving” one’s negative thoughts.

Being a vegetarian can keep the healer’s energy body pure so the healer will not unintentionally transfer negative energy to others though injection of subtle energy.





Readers have to decide yourselves whether you want to be healers of transferring subtle energy to others or not.

The criterions stated previously show the challenges readers will encounter if you wants to be the healers.

I personally have seen one or two healers which can keep their auras clean.

I also have seen a few healers who need to improve the quality of their auras.

There may be healers whom have got divine orders but this is a very rare case.

It is a very challenging job to a professional healer.

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