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10 Jan 2016  Posted in Mind and Body 

Sacred Energy refers to the subtle energy which usually emanates at holy places where saints had stayed for a period time and places where monks and nuns stay.

There are some characteristics of sacred energy.

Sacred energy brings one’s mind to a peaceful land.

Sacred energy heals one’s mind and body.

Sacred energy eliminates karmic energy in one’s body.

If one goes to holy places where sacred energy emanates for spiritual reason, sacred energy will nurture one’s mind.


There are tours organized by traveling companies going to holy places.

There are some organizations which arrange the same type of tours for their members only.

There are some backpackers going to holy places themselves.

These are the ways that one can go to holy places to get in touch with sacred energy.

I had a friend traveling to holy places twice a year.

When the time is right, the sacred energy emanates at holy places will help one to ascend.

Everyone has different conditions.  If one has sufficient conditions, sacred energy at holy places will transform one’s aura and mind.

That is why my friend said her travel mates had different feelings and responses when visiting holy places.

Every time my friend has visited holy places, the colour of her aura is changed to Golden.


Since I have learnt spirituality, I have visited places where monks and nuns stay.

I still have not had a chance to go to famous holy places.

I searched photos of holy places through internet. 

Most of them are full of sacred energy – such as Golden aura, White aura and Purple aura.

Sometimes, I was thinking I could practise spirituality wherever I was and absorbed sacred energy wherever I was.

Sarced energy also comes from gods and divines.

They are always around and inside our mind.

They are watching us and knowing what we are doing any time.

They will offer us help and offer sacred energy at the right time too.

Therefore, I did not try to visit holy places deliberately.

I have to emphasize that there is no right or wrong about going to holy places or not.

It is a matter of choice and conditions – for example, one shall have sparse time and money to visit holy places.


Recently, I discovered that sacred energy at holy places or places where saints had lived can help one to cleanse Karmic energy in one’s body.

Karmic energy in one’s body means this energy has been accumulated through emotional thoughts such as sadness, fear, hatred, etc..

Karmic energy has been accumulated in a body for many live times including the energy created by diseases and wounds in past lives.

Sacred energy can push and move Karmic energy out of a body.

It takes numerous times of absorption of sacred energy to move Karmic energy out of a body.

I personally have absorbed sacred energy by other means such as chanting mantras and scriptures to cleanse my body for three years.

Now, I still need to purify my energy body every day.


Besides, Kundalini is another method to cleanse Karmic energy.

I have activated Kundalini accidentally by the meditation learning from the books of The Ancient Secret of The Flower of Life.

Breathing method of the meditation is modified and based on the breathing method of Qi Gong I learnt in past.

(My Kundalini experiences are shown in my past blog posts –Kundalini, Meditation and Spiritual Path – Part 1 and Part 2.)

Sacred energy from holy places comes from the environment and energy of Kundalini triggers inside a body.

If one has activated Kundalini successfully, Karmic energy in Nadis will be burnt out.

The subtle energy will flow into and out of a body smoothly.

This help to absorb sacred energy in holy places.

Kundalini may not be sufficient enough to burn out Karmic energy in other parts of a body.

Therefore, one needs to practise Yoga or Qi Gong frequently to push Karma energy out.

Sacred energy is powerful to cleanse an energy body and transform one’s mind temporary …

– it is temporary because habits of mind usually reverts easily, therefore, one needs to practise to refine and cultivate one’s mind continuously.

If one transmutes one’s mind and eliminates Karmic energy in one’s body successfully, one will be one step closer to obtain serenity of mind and wellness of a body.


Sacred energy comes from sun and moon too.

One can receive sacred energy through visualization of sun and moon.

Sacred energy from sun and moon enters a body through Pingala Nadi (Sun Channel) and Ida Nadi (Moon Channel).

That may be the reason why I saw Sun and Moon above a head in the pictures explaining chakras and nadis.

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