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1 Sep 2014  Posted in Mind and Body 

When there are two people quarrelling, the air will become tense and fiery.  Once arguments start, mostly it will last for minutes or more.  Arguments and quarrels radiate negative energy spreading around the place where these happen.  This negative energy will do harm to the people who argue and affect the people who visit the place in future.   Therefore, arguments are something which we should try our best to avoid for yourself and for the people walking around the place.  In addition, it is crucial to keep sound relationships among all people.   In some cases, you may not mean to start the arguments but someone shows his or her disagreement with your point of view through violence and anger.  What can we do in this case?  The answer is love and endurance.


My Experience About Anger

If you have read my story, in past, a few people vented his or her anger on me in my workplaces.  At that time, I did not know what to do to stop it.  The only thing I did was being silent, doing the tasks for which I was responsible.  I even did not complain about it and did not report the case to Human Resources Department or to my superior.  They have trained me to endure.  I did accept what happened on me and ignore such negative situations.  That is how I keep myself healthy and wholesome.


How To Stop An Angry Person Venting?

Recently, I have faced irritation from a friend and a family member who disagreed with my ideals I had expressed.  I did not ask them to agree with my ideals but they loved me so much that they really wanted me to accept their values.  That is why they expressed their emotion in form of anger.  I really appreciated my friends and family members love me so much.  Some of them do not understand that everyone is unique and walks the path which is right for him or her.  Therefore, I endure for their love.


My family members rarely argued with me but that was not the first time we had arguments.   In past, I was always the only one who listened to the arguments and being silent.  This time, I had a thought of loving all people including the one who was quarrelling with me and said “I just want to talk to you peacefully and I reject quarreling”.  Then, suddenly, arguments were stopped and positive conversations came afterwards.   The most amazing thing was I had an opportunity to express my point of view which was accepted at the end.


After that, I tried to stop quarrelling again in the same way with full success.   I was so surprised that love and compassion is so powerful.  In past, it never happened that way.  No one listened to me because I am not particularly good at persuasions.    Two years ago, I have started learning spirituality and practising teachings stated in scriptures.  My life has changed since then.  When I am spreading positive information recently, more and more acquaintances start listening to me.  When I cease the negative arguments from others with love and kindness, it always works. 


I have found out that expanding energy of love stops arguments from others successfully only if we…


n  Endure when we face arguments from others

n  forgive the people who harm you

n  show sympathy to the people who harm you and put ourselves into their shoes

n  have bigger etheric bodies (also called etheric field, pranic body, vital body)

n  love and be compassionate with all beings unconditionally and selflessly


All these points are equally important to make expanding energy, love, possible to cease arguments from others.

Love and compassion is very powerful.  Because they are invisible energy, it is difficult for us to understand how far they can go until we practise to spread our love-kindness and compassion.


In scriptures and books, we understand that unconditional love is one of the essential points to be a saint.  I am not a saint but I am following and practising teachings from scriptures and books constantly.   On the way to find my true self, I have discovered how to apply their teachings in our daily life and how expanding energy, love, works. 


When one gives love, one will receive more love.  To stop arguments from others, one embraces Endurance, Forgiveness, Sympathy, Love-Kindness and Compassion.


If one’s etheric body is bigger than the others, one will be more effective in stopping irritation from others.

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