Recalling My Spiritual Path

5 Jun 2016  Posted in Spirituality

I was recalling my spiritual path this week. 

Everything has started since 2012.  Suddenly, I could see the subtle parts of the world such as orbs, spirits, etc.. 

Based on scriptures, I understand all living beings which have emotions are called beings.  Orbs and spirits are also called beings as they also have emotions.  They are “trapped” in this dimension because of their attachments of emotions. That is the same for all human beings living in this world.


I was thinking “what could I do to help them?”.  I have started helping myself and then explored my inner wisdom so that I am able to help more people or other beings.  The followings are things I have learnt in past.


1) Chanting mantras and scriptures constantly so that merits are accumulated.  And then all merits are devoted to karmic debtors. 

2) Reading scriptures and practising the truths stated in scriptures to enhance my inner wisdom.

3) Practising meditation and other energy cleansing skills to purify my energy body.

4) Stopping all negative thoughts and behaviours to reduce negative imprints in my mind.


These have to be done continuously every day.  When the time is right, aspects of life will be gradually improved.

In my case, they do help to improve my life effectively which is not the main purpose of doing point 1 – 4.

I wanted to help others but I had no idea the most suitable way for me to help others.

Initially, I have seen “Subtle energy” embedded / hidden in everything (matters).  Everyone has the potential to see or feel the subtle energy.  Subtle energy is influential to our life and our healthiness.  I am lucky to explore the potential and realize types of subtle energy embedded in everything.  If I study subtle energy further and match it up with the ancient knowledge of healing, Feng Shui, etc., this skill can improve other’s life and healthiness too.


When learning and practising skills of energy healing and scanning, I learnt a few lessons that…


1)     One has to be mindfulness and stillness to master the skills of energy healing and scanning.

2)     One has to follow rules when helping others using energy healing and scanning skills. Or else, one will take part of karmas from the patients.

3)     One needs to develop inner wisdom to identify the right time to help and whom can be helped.  There are moments that things can be told or cannot be revealed to people who ask for help.


Energy healing and scanning are real plays.  One can be adversely affected in terms of healthiness and fortune if one is not clear about 3 points mentioned above.  I wanted to help others through energy healing but I have decided to stop using energy healing on others eventually.  The experiences of applying energy healing and scanning show that it is not the right time for me to use energy healing to help others now so I focus on cleansing my energy body and cultivating my mind firstly.


During the stage of learning energy healing, I met some people and realized some truths which are critical to my life –


l   Changes must be started by the person himself or herself. 

l   Anyone cannot eliminate karmic results of others and for others.

l   It is better to let people choose the ways they want to improve their lives.


At the end, I have not seen most of them now.  However, my spiritual direction is clearer now.  Since last year November, I have started using essential oils to heal some of my minor health issues.  I am searching and reading books related to essential oils and aromatherapy but they are incomplete.  Therefore, it is difficult for laymen to learn how to use essential oils properly.  I am thinking to write a book about the subtle energy of essential oils so that people can understand more about essential oils, decide which essential oils they can use, etc..


Last month, I met one of my schoolmates, who is planning to study aromatherapy, asking me to introduce her a book because I am the only one who has learnt alternative healing skills.  As per her request, I scanned her energy body briefly and told her that her throat chakra was blocked.  She said she had sore throat and I offered her some essential oils for healing her sore throat as she rejected to get small part of money she paid for our lunch.  


She also said “you should learn aromatherapy ….”. She meant I should get a certificate to become a practitioner of aromatherapy.   I did not think about it in past.   When I was asked to do something, it was a sign that I should do it.  This is such type of the sign.  Therefore, I will read books of aromatherapy and consider to learn France method of aromatherapy.  Now, I am searching books to learn the basic knowledge of aromatherapy.




I always learn things and find my paths by myself.  No one teaches me unconditionally and continuously.  I have realized this point since I am not a full-time student. There are 2 people saying that I can rely on no body and do everything alone.  That is the same for my spiritual life.  I learn alternative things from different sources or different teachers for a short time.  Since 2012, I have to verify what I have learnt by myself.   It may take longer time for me learn one thing this way but I usually go beyond and modify the things I have learnt.  My intelligence and wisdom have being growth though verification.


Learning and Practising the truths are one of the main activities one shall do on spiritual path.  Even though one has a teacher, the student needs to verify what has been learnt from teachers.   This is called “practice”.  A teacher is required to teach specific and unique knowledge.  When one is “addicted” to instructions from a teacher, one will be lost and walk away from the destination unconsciously.  On top of that, one needs to put much effort to practise any time (for the rest of life) to fulfill one’s spiritual and selfless goal – serve the humanity.  It is difficult to “practice” because we need to change our habits and isolated ourselves from influences of karma.  People who “practise” sincerely usually encounter many obstacles.  At the beginning, I did not know it was difficult to “practice” and there would be many obstacles if one was sincere to do so.  It is important to keep in mind that it is happy to solve problems to remove obstacles which is the way to ascend.


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