Quotes About Enjoying Your Career Life

10 Nov 2014  Posted in Mind and Body 

A week ago, I joined a family gathering chatting with relatives I might not see for a long time.

One of them had told me that he had an unhappy experience at his workplace.

He wanted to change his work place to go away.


If one has to learn the lesson, he or she will encounter the same case again and again.

Instead of going away, it is better to face it and solve it.

Finding out what makes you unhappy and transform your mind.

The following quotes will give one some ideas about this.

Quotes - Adages of Wisdom About Career

n   It is good not feeling annoyed at work even though you are very busy.


n   Do everything whole-heartedly to bring advantages to others and yourself & abandon the attitude of criticism.


n   All ups and downs of lives are the experience and lessons which make you growing up.


n   Handle tasks with wisdom, caring others with compassion


n   Improve yourself with wisdom and be compassionate to provide convenient service for others.


n   The more the compassionate the one is, the higher the wisdom the one has.  Then, one will have less and less worries


n   In most situations, one handles issues with wisdom and treat others with kindness but do not worry about whether you have gained or lost something.  Then you will not have anxieties.


n   When we do something convenient for others, it is the same as doing something convenient for ourselves.


n   When we are extremely focusing on everything happening around us and criticisms from others, we will be stressful.


n   Serve others with gratitude and you will not feel tired.


n   Feeling grateful anytime and devote your money, your energy, your wisdom and your heart in your life.

A few days after the gathering, I have got a What’s App message from him.

He said

“I guess you are right. 

Today, I have a very good mood. 

I mediate for 20 minutes this morning.

And just now there is a job offer.

Good things come when I am in a good mood.”


In the family gathering, I suggested him to keep positive all time.

Based on law of attraction, likes attract likes.

If he is still unhappy, his mind will focus on negative things and people.

Then, eventually, he will have more and more negative experiences.

The law of attraction was verified when he told me that after the unhappy experience, he had a few job interviews but failed to apply for a job.


Meditation helps him to calm down and detach himself from emotion.

When he tranquilizes his mind, he has a higher capability to attract the event he likes.

That is why he has a job interview again.


If he can let go of his ego, he will not feel sad for the unhappy experience.

Since he has not done much spiritual practices, it is easier for him to start with keeping his mind positive.

Life goes on whatever has happened. 

Put a smile on your face and be positive all the time.


Please click here to understand more about positivity and positive language.

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