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I have learnt Qi Gong from 3 teachers (excluding my cousin who is very good at Qi Gong).

The only reason I have learnt Qi Gong is to enhance healthiness of my body.

When I am learning ZhiNeng Qi Gong, I realize there is something more than practising Qi Gong.

Viture and cultivating our mind are part of Qi Gong.


I firstly spotted this point from my cousin.

When he learnt Qi Gong from his friend, he was taught Dao De Jing (道德經).

There is a book written in Chinese called Note Book of Inner Observation of Human Bodies.

The writer who was learning from a Taoist stating he/she was required to study Heart Sutra.

Wu Qing Yun, who taught one of my Qi Gong’s teachers, said that there are 3 criteria to be a person who learns Dan Dao (Qi Gong and Taoism).

1)     Be a vegetarian for a whole life.

2)     Be a virtuous person – it is to review behaviour and speeches every day to ensure what he or she does match up with Dao ().

3)     Learning ancient Chinese books including Dao De Jing, Heart Sutra…..

Cultivating and refining our mind are important to a Qing Gong Practitioner.

It affects the effectiveness of Qi Gong.


When I learnt Qi Gong from first 2 teachers, I was not told about this.

I did not realize this point until I have started learning ZhiNeng Qi Gong.


“To practise Qi Gong, we shall practice Virtue first…..

Everything is caused by our mind.

The reality is the result of conformity of mind and circumstances.”



Qi Gong and Viture seem to be two individual things.

What is the relationship between both of them?


Energy body


Virtue of a person comes from cultivation.

The main theme of cultivation is to refine our mind.

It is to love and help anyone in need unconditionally (and unconsciously).

If we love and help others unconditionally, mind will focus others (not ourselves).

The type of people we help can be our relatives, our friends and strangers.

The more types of people we help unconditionally (and unconsciously), the wider our energy bodies.

Our energy bodies will also be expanded when we empty our mind and accept everything we have seen and encountered.

Adsorbing more Qi through Qi Gong, our body has more power to expand our energy bodies.

However, the virtuousness of a person is the main reason which accelerates the expansion of our energy bodies.


Energy body refers to subtle energy emanated from a human body.

Our body is embedded by this energy body.

I read a few books stating it with different names such as etheric body.

I was very surprised when I read “The energy body or spirit is …..” in a website.

Based on my observation in past, each person had his or her energy body of different size.

It expresses the true nature of a person.



Integrated ourselves with the nature


When we accept everything including people, animals, plants, earth, seas, sky and the universe, our energy bodies embed them.

If we can connect with the nature / the universe, we are more capable to connect with them.

Energy between the nature / the universe will be flowing in and out of our bodies smoothly.

We can pull more energy from the nature / the universe into our bodies.

Our bodies will be energized through this type of interaction with the nature / the universe.

This is also a type of Qi Gong in spiritual level.


What if we do not practise virtue?


Our mind will chase for a thing in order to obtain feelings we want.

Our mind will become more self-centered if we have not been aware of this.

If we are extremely self-centered, we will attract energy created in this planet including positive and negative energies and messages emitted by people.

If our bodies are strong, we can stand it.

If our bodies are weak, we cannot stand it.

That means flow of energy in our bodies is not smooth.

Our bodies are not in balance.



Attracting bad energy


When we focus too much on the concept of positive and negative energy, we will attract negative energy unconsciously.

I will feel headache when I get close to negative energy such as negative thoughts forms.

In 2 years, I felt headache after going to somewhere such as a toilet or walking along a corridor in an office.

I had to expel the energy around my head through yoga and visualization.

Since I have been practising Zhineng Qi Gong, this situation happens less frequently.

In past, I had a severe headache when I was talking to my boss face to face.

My boss is not working in my office so I am not seeing my boss frequently.

When my boss came again last month, I talked to my boss and felt a headache for a second.

At that moment, I had an idea to ignore the feeling of a headache and continued to talk to my boss.

Eventually, I totally focused on the conversation and disregarded the headache.

When my boss left the office, I realized I did not have a headache and did not need to expel the energy.

The skill, emptying my mind, does save me from spending energy to expel the negative energy.


Our energy body will absorb and release energy from our surrounding.

2 years ago, I felt subtle energy flowing from my friend into my ear during a friend’s gathering.

I felt uncomfortable when I absorbed or when I was adjacent to the negative energy.

Fortunately, spiritual practices help me to release negative energy every day.

I was surprised to discover that practising Zhineng Qi Gong can release negative energy.

Actually, I realized that my body did not have enough energy to expel more negative energy from any part of my body.

Zhineng Qi Gong can strengthen my body so that we are strong enough to release negative energy automatically.




Practising virtue is related to Qi Gong.

Virtue is the cultivation of our mind.

This is to nurture a flexible mind which can accept every circumstance.

This increases our capability to attract positive energy easily and our life will be improved

In Dao De Jing, it states “the highest excellence (righteousness) is like water “ (上善若水).

Righteousness is like water storing in a lake and penetrating the earth.

It condenses in the air and become clouds in the sky.

It goes anywhere in the earth like our righteousness.

This is similar to how we empty our mind integrating with the nature.

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