Qi Gong And Enlightenment

20 Aug 2015  Posted in Mind and Body 

I have read an interesting book about Qi Gong.

The writer wrote that the book was written in a specific way.

Therefore, when readers are reading the book, they unconsciously enter into the “State of Qi Gong”.

That means, readers will practise Qi Gong and relax through reading the book.

It also mentioned Qi Gong can activate enlightenment.


In my old blog post – What is Enlightenment, it explains…


Enlightenment is the development of wisdom and a wholesome personality.

It can be said that worries are removed or eliminated after enlightenment……


Enlightenment is like something you never knew in the past and no one tells you about it.

However, you find it out.

Artists, philosophers or religionists have some new inventions, new discoveries and create new items.

You can say they have an enlightened experience.


In the aforementioned book, the writer stated that when someone is enlightened through practicing Qi Gong, he or she will become more intelligent.

This is the point of view which is similar to the point mentioned in my old blog post.

The writer suggests that detaching from set patterns of thinking can help a Qi Gong practitioner to ascend.

This will liberate our mind, enhance our intelligence and increase the effectiveness of Qi Gong.

A spiritual teacher said “Limited thinking is limiting our capability.”

Let go of our mental burden (i.e. set patterns of thinking) can increase our capability.


Set Patterns of thinking


Human’s mind develops a set of belief, values and rules.

A belief forms through personal experiences, parental teachings, personal observation and personal assumptions affecting patterns of our thinking.


In my home town, teachers are important roles in our society.

We have learnt from teachers for different subjects.

They not only teach us knowledge but also ethical standards.

We tend to follow teachings from teachers rather than learning from books directly.

The situation is obvious when it comes to a subject that is not available in books such as spiritual practices.

Therefore, a belief – I had to learn a subject from a teacher – was formed in my mind.


I was looking for spiritual teachers when I wanted to learn some spiritual practices.

There was a time that I really wanted to follow one teacher to learn spiritual practices and the truths.

I met a person who seemed to teach me spiritual practices and the truths but it turned out to be the end of the road.

After I walked away from the road, I have realized that I can learn spiritual practices and the truths in different ways.

It must not come from one person only.

It has changed a set pattern of my thinking – looking for and following one spiritual teacher.


This experience makes me review the truths I have learnt constantly to understand their meanings.

I apply the truths through observing the events in my life and observing my patterns of thinking.

My patterns of thinking are changing after constantly analyzing and understanding more the meanings of the truths…..




Open System of Thinking


Detachment and Let go is the art of our life.

We are easily falling into our assumptions of the world and think our assumptions are real.

This limits our power and capability.

I met a person who seemed to be able to teach spiritual practices and the truths.

I recalled, during that period, I learnt a few spiritual practices but it held my life at the same stage.

However, since I have walked away, I coincidentally learn Yoga, Qi Gong and a type of Meditation.

They help me to ascend spiritually and further tranquilize my mind.

Open our mind and our life will be abundant.

How to accelerate the openness of our mind?


Cultural Exchange


Learning cultures from foreigners of different countries can broaden our thinking.

Through interacting with foreigners, we can realize the differences between our culture and their cultures.

If we live in a foreign country and constantly communicate with foreigners, our beliefs and values will be changed too.

It is very effective to transmute a person in a short period of time.

This method is very dramatic if someone’s thinking is a closed system.


Learning and Practising


Staying in the environment with which we are familiar can be very comfortable for most people.

To beat our habitual mind, we make every effort to learn and practise the truths.

The truths such as kindness, forgiveness, giving without expectations, are really going against our habitual mind.

That is why we have to be determinant and persistent to learn and practise the truths.

The truths which can increase stillness of our mind shall be learnt.

Following spiritual principles and verifying what we have learnt can enhance the openness of our mind.


Detach, Detach, Detach


“Please put what you have learnt aside before learning Zhineng Qi Gong in the class.”

My teacher of Zhineng Qi Gong told me this in the class because I have learnt 2 types of Qi Gong previously.


In first 3 lessons, I had different thoughts in my mind about how to learn Zhineng Qi Gong.

I understood that the thoughts rose from my habitual mind formed in my past lives.

I wanted to get rid of the thoughts so I have prayed and recited The Universal Door of Guanshiyin Bodhissattva.

Then, I could concentrate and absorb what I have learnt in every class of Zhineng Qi Gong afterwards.

Recently, I have greatly benefits from practising Zhineng Qi Gong.


What we have learnt in past may stop us from learning other new things.

When we learn a new subject, leaving our mind blank empowers us to grow spiritually.





I have learnt Qi Gong from three schools.

The first school did not teach me the mental cultivation method of Qi Gong

The second school which the teacher is a traditional Taoist gave me 4 mental cultivation methods.

The third school teaches me Zhineng Qi Gong and its mental cultivation method is difficult to be expressed by words.

What I have understood is “we are the universe” (We are one part of the universe but we are also the universe at the same time).

Our body can be an open system.

Anyone can open his or her mind and activates the circulation of energy between a human body and the universe.

Let go of set patterns of thinking is one of the steps to create an open system of our body.

It is also a key part in spirituality.

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