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26 Feb 2016  Posted in Mind & Body

Everyone has a purpose of Life.

When our purpose of life is reflected in our mind, it is related to personal characters and career.

When our purpose of life is reflected in our bodies, it is related to healthiness.

When our purpose of life is reflected in relationship, it is manifested in friendship, families and love affairs.

Any events occurred in these three areas will help us to grow.

If we have escaped from the life lessons, we will face the same lesson again and again until we have learnt it.

If we have learnt and transformed ourselves, we will be ascended and found another purpose of life.


When we are experiencing our lives every day, we are finding the purpose of life everyday.

It is happening naturally that some may not realise it is happening everyday.

There are some methods to find out the purpose of our lives.

However, in this article, I will focus some points which are critical and constantly occur.


Some people will go to see masters of fortune telling every year for life consultation.

Fortune telling through i.e. Astrology can be formulated by providing one’s birthday.

It will provide the information of strength and weakness in any aspects of one’s life.

Through this process, people will generally have ideals what to do to tackle issues.

It can formulate a blueprint of one’s life dependent upon the methods of fortune telling.

Visiting fortune tellers is very common in my home town because some people are eager to improve their lives in this way.


Finding the purpose of lives is another way to tackles issues and to improve our lives.

We need to found the life lessons we need to learn in our lives.

The life lessons are completely related to our characters.

For example, in past, I had difficult relationships with some friends and ex-colleagues because I attached to my principles and tried to make people following my ways.

However, some people persisted to do things by their own ways.  In this situation, if I attached to my principles and I would suffer.

The source of every issue in our lives is our negative side of our characters.

Therefore, to improve our lives….


1)     Build up positivity in mind

2)     List out negative personal characters.

3)     Eliminate those negative personal characters.


It is easy to list negative characters out but we need to put much effort in practising the elimination of them.

Before doing so, please ask “Am I living happily or discontentedly?”

The more one feel happy with one’s life, the more one is walking towards the direction of life which is right for him or her.

That means one is following the purpose of one’s life.

Our mind manifests our lives.

Therefore, transmuting our mind will change our lives.

Note: To change our lives faster, spiritual practices may need to be done constantly dependent upon individual conditions.  Basically, transmuting our mind is the foundation of changing lives.

Eventually, a new purpose of life will appear when one has learnt the life lesson and improved.


There is a concept that everything we will have and experienced is set before we were born.

Can we change all of these things that have been set before we were born?  Yes, we can.

Once I had discussion with my ex colleague about this.

Her opinions were….


Routes of our lives were mostly fixed.

We might be able to change it a little bit but we could not go quite far about from it.


Actually, it really depends whether you want to change or not.

If one believes change is possible, then it will be.

If one believes life is predetermined and solid, then it will be.


In past, I went to visit a fortune teller to tell me what would happen in my life.

I gave the fortune teller my birthday so that events in my life could be calculated through Zi Wei Dou Shu – a kind of Chinese Astrology.

By that time, past events were quite accurate but my life is not going as predicted in the recent 5 or 6 years.

It did not foretell that I had gone through spiritual awakening and special events happened after the spiritual awakening.

Once I had the symptoms of spiritual awakening, my friend told me “Your life will be totally changed – moving away from the predetermined path of life.”

I did not realise this until I have experienced a lot of special events and miracles in my life afterwards.

All of those miracles are caused by mind cultivation and practising the wisdom of the truths.

Since then, I never visit a fortune teller anymore.

In fact, what have been foreseen will be changed from time to time and so does the purposes of our lives.

My purpose of life is changing from learning kindness and forgiveness through sickness to learning to serve the humility through the gift (talent) given by divine.


Purposes of lives are similar to different equations in Mathematics.

Once we have solved one equation, we will be given other equations.

Talent will be assigned to us when we have passed the trials – equations we have solved - showing our unconditional kindness to all humans.

There can be more than one purposes of lives which can be ever-changing.

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