Principle And Subsidiary Causes

30 Aug 2015  Posted in Mind and Body 

I have got 2nd box of chocolates from my new employer on 24 Aug 2015.

I have got 1st box of chocolates on my birthday from my boss this year.

I am very grateful that they treat me nicely from the bottom of their hearts.


In this new job, I am given enough time to finish most tasks.

The quantity of the workload is moderate that I can mostly be off on time everyday.

All of these conditions are totally opposite to my working experiences in past.


It was not ex-employers who gave me hard time.

It was just because I did not have good “principle and subsidiary causes” to obtain what I wanted.

In terms of philosophy, “principle and subsidiary causes” are called principle and subsidiary conditions.

To plant a tree, a seed is a principle cause and sunray is a subsidiary cause.



I recalled, in past, I had not yet started doing spiritual practices.

I worked 10 hours a day and had salaries which were relatively lower than the market rates.

Therefore, I searched for a job of working 8 hours a day and offering a higher salary.

For several times, I had applied new jobs of other companies but I failed to pass the first interviews.

Among all ex employers, three of them asked me to leave the companies. 

I was looking for a stable job which is the principle cause.

However, there is no subsidiary conditions.

The companies with which I had interviewed did not offer me a job.

I was hired by ex employers but mostly was I assigned tasks which were equal to workloads of 1.5 or 2 staff leading to longer working hours.

I was having some health issues and sickness after working overtime for a company for years.

Because of bad relationship with a colleague, I had vexation and worries.

They were called obstacles coming from my physical body (i.e. sickness) and from my mind (i.e. vexation and worries).


Since I have learnt spirituality and practiced the truths, I have turned these obstacles around.

It has been started from learning and practising the main theories of NLP.

I am refining my mind (i.e. eliminating my ego) and focusing on a positive side of everyone and everything.

I have read eastern & western spiritual books and the scriptures to learn spirituality.

It was a miracle but I have got to say that I was recovered from eczema after chanting Om Mani Padme Hum for numerous times.



My turning point has come after I had recited Arya Sanghata Sutra

By that time, my last employment was ended after three-month probation.

In two weeks time, I have three job interviews and was hired by the employer I am working for now.

This job matches up with my wishes such as average workload and stable working hours.

Unexpectedly, I have good relationship with colleagues in this job.

It is greatly different from most of my previous jobs (see my story for details).

My employer gives me time to learn and chances to develop my potential capability.


These changes come after numbers of my karmic debtors have been reduced including human beings and spirits.

In past, more than hundreds of my karmic debtors stayed nearby me.

They were standing behind my back when I sent merits to them after reciting scriptures such as Diamond Sutra.

I reckon some of my karmic debtors have accepted my apologies and merits.

Some of them have gone and they have not standing behind me while I am sending them merits now.

Since more and more of them have gone, my mind is clearer and I usually get what I expect.

My life has more happy events such as the events I have mentioned previously.




It is important to confess and apologize to karmic debtors who are human beings and spirits.

I have been apologizing to my friends in my own ways for mistakes I have made.

I usually do not deliberately search the reasons which make “invisible karmic debtors” staying nearby me.

There was only one time I did that and the reason was tragic.

That was caused by me and now I reap what I have sowed.

I am repenting for my mistakes I made in my past lives although the reasons are mostly unknown.

I hope my karmic debtors to forgive me.

I am also improving myself and try to adhere to the Universal Law, Cause and Effect.

This helps me to stop myself from generating hatred with others.

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