Practice And I Ching Hexagram 24

20 Mar 2016  Posted in I-Ching

I have been reading a book which a writer explaining the ancient text of Cantong Qi.

The writer had profound understanding of Daoism, Confucianism and Buddhism.

He explained Cantong Qi from two or three aspects.

Therefore, it is easier for readers to learn Cantong Qi nowadays.

The information of this article is mostly originated from his book.



Practice is one of the methods to improve our lives.

Practice refers to mind cultivation to transmute thoughts and change behaviours.

In Cantong Qi, it articulates methods to become the immortals through

l  Understanding the law of nature

l  Practicing mind cultivation

l  Health Improvement


Hexagrams of I Ching is a series of pictures expressing the change of nature in terms of Yin energy and Yang energy.

If we understand the nature and practise at the right time, it improves our health and indirectly helps to nurture our mind.

[Note: If one has a healthy body, it is relatively easier to achieve the stage of stillness mind.  However, it is just the subsidiary cause.  The principle cause of cultivating our mind is mainly achieved by kindness and good deeds.]

In this article, I will focus on explaining the relationship between I Ching and the law of nature.


In each Hexagram, it consists of 6 lines and there are 2 types of lines


1)     Yang line – solid line

2)     Yin line – an open line with a gap in the centre.


In the law of nature, a Yang line represents the energy which is hot and expanding, for example, heat radiating from the Sun.

A Yin Line represents the energy which is cold and contracting, for example, ice on the surface of a frozen lake.


I Ching Hexagram 24 - Returning 


Hexagram 24 shows the Yang energy ascending from the core of the Earth in November – Winter Solstice.

Everything in the universe is radiating.

For example, a table is radiating, a watching is radiating, our lives are radiating too.

We, humans, are radiating every second.

When the Sun is radiating in summer, the Earth absorbs the heat from the Sun gradually.

The heat will be accumulated in the core of the Earth.

In November after Winter Solstice, the Earth will be releasing the heat from the core of the Earth.

This situation is expressed by one Yang line at the bottom and five Yin Lines on top of the Yang Line in Hexagram 24.


Therefore, in winter, if we put our hands in the water of a well, it is warm.

In summer, if we put our hands in the water of a well, it is cold.  However, the surface of the water is warm and heated up by the Sun.


In the term of healthiness, Winter Solstice is the best time to replenish a body by eating food which is full of Yang energy – it is called “Hot” Food, for example the fruits and vegetables, which are red in colour such as black grapes and cherries, are usually “Hot” Food.

When the heat is ascending from the core of the Earth, our bodies will be influenced by it.

It is because we are part of the nature and we are living in the nature.

More and more Yang energy is penetrating into a body.

This situation helps our body to absorb more Yang energy from the food into our bodies.



This theory can also be applied on spiritual practices.

If we stay and mediate at the places where are radiating Yang energy in Winter Solstice, it increases more Yang energy in our bodies.

As explained previously, Yang energy indirectly maintains the level of stillness of our mind and the pureness of our energy bodies.

I have emphasized again that it is just the subsidiary cause. 

The principle cause of cultivating our mind is mainly achieved by kindness and good deeds.


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