Practice And I Ching Hexagram 2

2 Apr 2016  Posted in I Ching

Mind Cultivation and virtue were significant topics in Chinese Culture.

We can learn externally for example, reading books & TV, attending courses, etc..

In ancient China, the Chinese learnt through understanding and cultivating mind.

Through mind and virtue cultivation, inner wisdom will be explored and developed.

We can learn from within. We learn by practising and verifying.

Through integration of Earth, Heaven and our mind, we can see and understand how universe works.

For example, it is possible for someone to indicate the location of Moon or any planet without a machine and a satellite.

To do so, he or she has to cultivate mind and cultivate virtue.

Virtue is the mean concept in I-Ching Hexagram 2, Earth.


Earth likes a mother.  It accepts whatever she receives and gives whatever she has.

Earth decomposes what is thrown on the soil.

Plants are growing on the soil whatever types of plants are.

It is providing crops all the time endlessly.

This is the same theory for cultivating virtue.


When one is virtuous, he or she accepts whatever it is.

His or her mind is generous.

He or she will truly be stillness even though someone is scolding and insulting him or her.

When he or she is virtuous, he or she will walk to the right direction, meet the right person and obtain the resources he or she needs.

This is what can be achieved through practising good deeds and mind cultivation.

The character traits of a virtuous person are similar to Earth as mentioned previously.



Virtue, Compassion and Merits enable a person to know more about Earth.

Practising good deeds such as giving money and doing voluntary works for charity, upholding morality, etc., will generate merits.

Such person who is virtuous and compassionate, and has many merits will be enlightened to see the other side of the world.

Then, through spiritual practices, he or she will be able to learn ancient Chinese astrology quicker and be allowed to spot the place where has better Feng Shui on Earth.

There are a few Feng Shui masters in Asia who have also done spiritual practices and cultivated mind and virtue secretly.

When Feng Shui masters are looking for places of good Feng Shui along hills and mountains, they require to be guided or permitted by deities which safeguard hills.

This is sometime done through telepathy.  In some cases, it feels like intuition.


There are people who were deities in heaven and reincarnate again and again for many past lives.

If the amount of their merits, and the level of virtue and compassion were good enough, they became deities with authorities in heaven after death.

Then, when they reincarnate and are born in any countries, they still have authorities and can exercise authorities after passing trials.

They may have the abilities to see other deities and even access the information which are secret to most people because they have authorities.

Therefore, they can find the places of good Feng Shui without knowing ancient Chinese astrology.

They understand the types of energy radiated by Earth through sight or telepathy.

Those people are usually practising “Feng Shui” for serving humanity – not for money.


Practising mind cultivation and compassion, and accumulating merits are essential for a spiritual person to understand Earth and the Universe.

These are important criterions for being a good “Feng Shui” master too.

We can all learn virtue from Earth by observing how it serves human beings.

After we have been virtuous people, we will be able to distinguish energy radiated by Earth.

We are and we can always from Earth and the nature.

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