Practice And I Ching Hexagram 1

25 Mar 2016  Posted in I-Ching

I initially use I-Ching to carry out divination in order to remind myself the best thing to do in my spiritual path.

When I tried to answer questions in a personal consultation, it gave a positive suggestion to handle issues in marriage.

I still carry out I-Ching divination sometimes although I am doing so as frequent as I was used to be.


When I am reading a book explaining Cantong Qi, I am surprised to learn how I-Ching is related to practising the truths to become immortals.

In this article, I will explain the meaning of Heaven (I-Ching Hexagram 1) quoted from a writer explaining Cantong Qi.

I will also state the relationship between “Heaven” and our spiritual paths.



I Ching Hexagram 1, Heaven


In Zhou Yi, Hexagram 1 “Qian”() represents, Tian ().

In English, Tian has some meanings in terms of Chinese culture.


It can be describing the sky in terms of metaphysics – the issues that cannot be comprehended directly through logical studies. It is the conceptual world of sky.  It is a symbol.

It can be describing the sky that is explained in sciences and physics.

It can be a concept discussed by western philosophers.

It can be related to rationality - the course of nature and our conscience.  It is not the sky where the Sun and Moon are found.  It is not the place where the God lives.  It is the sky in our mind.


In Zhou Yi, Tian represents the nature. 

Sometimes, it is related to rationality – the course of nature and our conscience. 

Sometimes, it is related to metaphysics.


Let me explain more about why Tian is related to rationality - the course of nature and our conscience.

There is a Chinese saying “頭上三尺有神明” – it means there are deities 3 feet (1 meter) above from our head.

All these deities are ruled by the Jade Emperor in heaven.

These deities have different duties and their pictures can be found in Taoism.

There are deities recording good and bad deeds of each person which become the record that can be accessed by the related deities.

After the person has passed away, the deity will read the record of what one has done in his life.

His good and bad deeds are determinant factors to decide where he shall go e.g. heaven or hell.

Heaven where deities live is called Tian in Chinese.

Deities follow rules to manage the people who have passed away.

For example, one of the rules is “What goes around comes around.”.

The rules are based on a kind of rationality which has the similar meaning as the course of nature that is in “天理” Chinese.


They also manage the discipline of the world and balance light force and dark force in the world humans are living.

They can be multiplied in many to stay in the temples listening to people’s wishes or going around to carry out their duties.

Deities are full of sacred energy which is very strong so it belongs to Yang energy.

Tian is the metaphor of these deities so the perception of Tian is strong and powerful in Chinese culture.


What is Practice?


I was trying to find the English word for the Chinese word 修行.

There is no such word of the same meaning in English.

“Practice” describes the core concept of the Chinese word 修行.

Please see my post to understand different aspects of “Practice”.

The direct translation of the Chinese word 修行 is to correct our behaviours.

To correct our behaviours can be started from cultivating our mind so that thoughts and speeches are right and positive.

After a period of time of effective mind cultivation, our thoughts, speeches and behaviours will be corrected.

This is the essential and core part of “Practice”.


Practice and Tian


Tian knows everything we do in the world.

As explained previously, the deities have the records of our good deeds.

A person who has carried out a lot of good deeds will be helped or guided by Tian (the deities) at the right time.

Why is it at the right time and not any time?

Each person has a karmic balance sheet and he or she has to go through some events based on this balance sheet.

Deities will help us without disrupting the karmic consequences.

As most people cannot see deities staying in temples listening to our wishes, it seems their assistances sound like myths.

It is something which can be made out through individual verification.


Once, I tried to visualize a I-Ching Hexagram to get the answer of a question.

In 30 seconds, I felt I was “embraced” by golden aura answering my question through presenting pictures in my mind.

Tian always gives me a signal to show it is the right thing to say to others more than once.


Tian gave me a signal to guide my way so that I could learn and improved spiritually.

The guidance happened rarely because a person, who is following the path of “Practice”, shall learn to tackle all issues through practising and verifying oneself.

Such person shall not rely on Tian to do everything for him or her.


Tian injects golden subtle energy into us so that we can ascend further spiritually.

This may come with luck but not by search.

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