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2 Jan 2016  Posted in Mind and Body 

I have started writing blog posts in this website since Apr 2014.

At the beginning, I was trying to write various topics related to spiritual practices and personal experiences.

The purpose of building this website is to benefit any readers whom tend to start their spiritual paths.

It also shows what spiritual practices could how help readers to improve lives in terms of healthiness and relationship.

When I firstly started learning spirituality, people who I met rarely talked about their spiritual experiences directly.

This is because the spiritual experiences were abnormal to most common people.

If one is expressing spiritual information which can improve lives to others face to face, it may or will affect others’ balance sheet of karma.

Then, these will burden one with karma from others.  Moreover, the important point is ….


      “Expressing spiritual information face to face may indirectly stop others from learning through their experiences which they shall go through.”


When there are not enough subsidiary causes and conditions, one will not actively unveil the experiences related to spirituality.

However, when readers have enough subsidiary causes and conditions, they will be attracted by topics of the blog posts.

There are advantages and disadvantages of spiritual activities and practices mentioned in blog posts.

Readers decide whether to do them or not.

These follow the law of Karma so it does not give me burden of Karma.

Meanwhile, information in this website may help readers to grow spiritually if readers decide to practise.

This makes me writing more about my spiritual experiences in my blog posts.



In 2016, I will keep writing blog posts of spiritual experiences.

In addition, I decide to explain how the following things operate in our body:


1)     Essential oils

2)     Qi Gong

3)     Some type of foods


I will explain the operation in term of flow of energy & yin and yang energy of 3 items and their related effects on our body.

The information will be collected through the observation of my body through my inner eyes.

The effects of 3 items are verified in my body.

The operation of 3 items will be explained by words, pictures or/and videos in this website.


I have contemplated whether I will post the information mentioned previously in this website.

Finally, I reckon it is great to share the information.

This information enables readers to understand


l   the concept of Yin and Yang,

l   how the nature of Yin and Yang have changed and

l   how to improve our wellness by essential oils, Qi Gong and some type of foods.


It is difficult to understand the concept of Yin and Yang.

If this concept is explained by examples, it is easier to understand and apply this concept in our daily life.


This is my plan and there is no guarantee that I must do that because it takes longer time to verify and to prepare the information.

If I am able to do so, you will gradually see more blog posts and videos about them in this website in future.

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