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18 Dec 2015  Posted in Mind and Body 

2 year ago, I heard a Fung Shui Master saying that there were popular courses to help children activating and training Pineal Glands.

The parents who sent their children to attend the courses expected to explore potentiality of their children’s abilities.

Recently, my friend attended a course which helps people to activate and train Pineal Glands.

My friend did that because she might send her children to attend the course too.


In the course, she was asked to listen to some type of music and watch movies to adjust her brainwave to Delta or Theta waves.

It was called preparation stage – Scientifically, if one’s mind is calm, it is easier to perceive unseen signal and frequencies.

Then, she was asked to practice her right brain such as putting a blindfold on her eyes and then asking what is the colour of the card in front of her.


Actually, this course looked like a class of training one’s intuition rather than activating and training Pineal Glands.

The teacher of the class said that her Pineal Gland had been activated.

When I knew this message, I also told her that her Pineal Gland is definitely activated.

It is because once she demonstrated a technique and how to use essential oil.

While she was speaking, I was chanting mantras in my mind (without my mouth opened).

All people around me did not know I did that.

However, she suddenly stopped and said “What are you saying?” – please note that my mouth was closed and I did not tell anyone I was chanting mantras in my mind.

This showed that she has a higher level of intuition.


My friend told me that finally there was only one student whom successfully finished the tasks and did not practise meditation.

Another student who practiced meditation constantly could not activate the Pineal Gland through the course.

I also said “If you love to increase the level of intuition, you can learn to be stillness by drawing or doing meditation.  Then, the level of intuition may be increased after years.”

“It is true that certain types of sound and movies can help to calm down one’s mind and initiate a Pineal Gland or increase one’s level of intuition.  However, there must be other factors which help to activate the Pineal Gland too.”


What are the factors which help to initiate one’s Pineal Gland?

l   Merits and Virtue caused by one’s good deeds and kindness.

l   Giving up lust.


It comes from many lives of practicing good deeds and accumulation of merits and virtue.

Activating Pineal Glands usually does not happen overnight.

Some people have activated Pineal Glands after listening to a type of songs- they usually have many lives of practicing good deeds so the activation of the Pineal Glands was fast.
Some people have activated Pineal Glands through some secret methods in Taoism but they have Pineal Glands activated after practising for a period of time.

2 types of people mentioned previously can control whether seeing the world with their Pineal Glands or not.

However, some people were born to have activated Pineal Glands all the time. For example, they see aura all the time. They cannot choose not to see aura – it is rare but there is a case like this.

Activation of Pineal Glands happens for a reason and the person whose Pineal Gland has been activated will find out the reason.


The activation of Pineal Glands is supported by sacred energy too.

That means if you have a belief or religion, the sacred energy flows from divine to you at the right time.

This can also likely activate your Pineal Glands too.


There are differences between increasing intuition and activating Pineal Glands.

Pineal Glands which are activated at the first level can see everything including your back but it does not happen on someone who has higher level of intuition.

However, I believe higher level of intuition is the initiation of opening Pineal Glands.



If a child can increase one’s level of intuition at his or her early age, this skill may help to solve some problems in his or her life.

However, if the course is really helping children to initiate Pineal Glands (Third Eye), there is no short cut to do so.


Remarks: Some said the location of Third Eye is Pineal Gland.  Therefore, activation of Pineal Glands also means turning on Third Eye.

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