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28 Nov 2015  Posted in Mind and Body 

It was a long time that I have not scan organs of others since Aug 2014.

It is to see the condition of organs of someone else through inner eyes.

It is the ability that everyone potentially has and everyone can develop.

It may be called medical intuitive in the west.


Last week, a friend asked me to scan her liver to find out whether all gallstones had been ejected from her liver.

She sent me this request when I was having a lunch so I answered I would scan in 20 minutes.

When I started to focus and scan, my mobile phone was ringing.

There was no such phone number in my phone list so I did not pick it up.

Usually, it is a junk call and it was strange to get a junk call during lunch time – sometimes, it is a sign caused by a karmic debtor of the person I will scan.

After scanning, the result was her liver still had some gallstones.



I purified my body right after scanning.

During cleansing my energy body, I discovered that there were spirit orbs which were black in colour standing next to me – 25 cm away from me.

I knew it was my friend’s karmic debtors – it happened more than 5 times so I am very sure about this.

They came because I helped my friend to scan her body through inner eyes.

When my friend asked me to scan her body, they did not make me feeling a headache


As it was my friend’s request, I was given a “permit”. 

Therefore, I was spiritually legitimate to scan her body. 

Of course, it was my choice whether I helped her or not.


I know they were sad and angry with me.



Oneness of mind


Usually, in this case, karmic debtors will leave after I have dedicated them merits.

This time, I did something different.  I tried to feel and “see” their mind.

Interestingly, I saw a white dot inside a black orb.

It is similar to one side of Tai Chi which has a white fish eye on a black fish body.

I was surprised to realize a black spirit orb having the kindness part of the mind which is the same as everyone does.

This proves our mind is the same as yours and we are equal – whether we are humans or beings, we have the same mind. The oneness of mind.

Therefore, I showed the mind of god / divine / oneness which I understand and I feel to them and manifested the feeling with them together.

Then they left without getting merits.

To show them the mind of god / divine is a kind of merits because this action requires to let go of attachment – the attachment generated by perceptual models.

I did not pass them merits like giving them an apple but the action itself was a kind of merits.

When we were manifesting it (the feeling of oneness of mind), we obtained the merits through the action.

I have learnt this concept from 2 different spiritual masters.

It was verified through this event.


I believe we will be transmuted into one and go back to our original point, the oneness…..

When we understand the operation of our world - not only see the black fish body of Tai Chi but the white fish body of fish.




Subsidiary Cause


The spirit orbs went back and chased after my friend.

They chased after my friend because of bad karma planted by my friend.

They were some of her karmic debtors.

I wanted to help them (both my friend and karmic debtors) to dissolve this relationship.

Therefore, I asked for the orb’s permit to tell my friend that they were following her.

If she knows, she likely dedicates merits and dissolves this relationship.

Otherwise, suffering remains – my friend was suffering from sickness which to certain extent was accelerated by her karmic debtors and the orbs were suffering from hatred.

I was begging in mind to tell her what was going on.

Finally, I was allowed to say that I was disturbed by a phone call when I was scanning her body.

However, I was not allowed to clearly say the orbs came to visit me after the phone call.

When she knew that I was disturbed by a phone call during scanning process, she did not understand the meaning behind and gave me a laughing icon.

By that time, I understood it was not the right time to pass this message to her so I have not unveiled the true situation.


If I do, I am sure I will have a headache caused by her karmic debtors. 

We can know many things through inner eyes but we also need to learn when to say and what to say. 

This is why we need to develop wisdom of the truths to decide the right things to tell and right time to tell.

We would say there were not enough subsidiary causes to make her understand this message.

Therefore, I go with the flow and let it be until there is a right time to reveal.

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