Negative Emotion

3 July 2016  Posted in Mind & Body

News on the front page of most newspapers are mostly full of sadness, anger, depression, tragedies, etc..  That is the same for the news broadcasted in other types of media such as television, radios, internet.  People unconsciously absorb negative energy through reading and listening to these messages.  If people response to these messages, they will generate negative emotion.  The more people expressing negative opinions on the news, the more negative emotion and energy will be generated.

Why Being Negative?

In some societies, the education systems indirectly teach people to criticize and to compete.  School ranking and classes give us a chance to compare the quality of education systems and intelligence.  Entering famous school is a kind of competitions.  If some people cannot obtain what they expect to have through competitions, they may tend to feel bad about it.  Comparison thinking originates from training of finding pros and cons of a subject at schools.  It is called critical thinking.  Comparison is neither a good nor a bad thing.  This model of thinking easily generates criticism especially for those people whose mind are weak.  Negative emotion will be generated if ones attach to ones’ expectation and compare themselves with others.   Comparison thinking will create a negative response only if he or she attaches to expectations of his or her life.


Fear and anxiety can be inherited.  If there are more than one family members having different levels of mental illness, their offsprings have higher probability to think negatively.  My throat was contracting when I was stressful.  It also happens on a member in my mother’s family.  The stress had been deepened and had become negative thinking only in some certain aspects of my life.  When I experienced the related activities again, fear would be created.  This is a perceptual model which would be triggered only if similar experience happened on me again.  If this perceptual model could not be stopped, it would have created much more negative emotion for me. 


The attitude of negativity can also be developed through working with others who are negative or have mental illness.  When we are working and discussing together, our energy bodies are easily influenced by people in the same group.  However, this really depends on how severe one’s mental illness is and how strong one’s mind is.  Some people will not be affected but others may be influenced quickly.  The longer they work together, the higher the chance of being influenced.


How is negative emotion generated subtly?

In Taoism point of view, a black spot / energy grows in a heart when one has a thought of sadness.  

For example, when I fear, I will see black aura / black energy flowing out of my heart chakra.   If I am threatening for a minute, my face and heart will be covered by a layer of black aura.

Negative emotion influences health

In Chinese medical point of view, excessive negative emotion for example anger, anxiety, pensiveness, grief, fear, fright affects organs.


Fear/ Fright affects Kidney.

Grief / Anxiety affects Lungs.

Pensiveness affects Spleen.

Anger affects Liver.


They are the cause of cancer if excessive negative emotion has been accumulated for many years.

What can we do?

There are some methods in my past blog post about detaching from negative emotion.  Practising Yoga, Qi Gong and meditation will help to alleviate the amount of energy of negative emotion in a body.  Reading or chanting scriptures such as diamond sutra, heart sutra and prayers will also cleanse your energy body too.   It can effectively cease all negative emotion if we continuously practise truths shown in scriptures.

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