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25 Sep 2014  Posted in Mind and Body 

Thoroughly understand the nature of spirits enable you to eliminate the fear of spirits.  All living beings are equal.  Humans, spirits and entities are equal.  Our attitude towards spirit is neutral – neither fear nor love.  The more we understand, the less we fear. 


Spirits are living beings who have passed away.   Ideally, they will be guided by angels, spiritual guides, gods external to the place they should go.  However, they stay because they have unfinished wishes, hatred, attachment of their love ones etc..   They turn their blind eyes to the ones which will walk them “home” in another world and they are as stubborn as mules.  Therefore, they are wandering around the same places.


Spirits will stay at places where are dark and humid with bad ventilation.   The history of the locations shows the reasons why more spirits stay there.


Some people are able to see spirits once they were born or after they have undergone a surgery for a long time.  Those people with such ability are called “Yin-Yang” Eyes because they can see the yin part which is imagines of spirits. 


There are people who can see the yang part of spirits which are orbs and mists of different colours.  If spirits are white in colour, they have no negative emotion.  If spirits are black in colour, they carry negative emotion such as sadness and hatred.  If you see them, try not to enrage them.  


Spirits can be classified into many types.  Most of spirits are teachers, spiritual guides and ancestors.  Spirits do something to affect our tangible world with permission.  Divinities assign special abilities to spirits who help people in tangible world to accumulate merits and virtues for themselves.  When spirits have more merits and virtues, they will ascend to a higher level in higher dimensions.


What can we do if there are spirits in rooms of hotels? 


n   Ask for changing the room.


n   Bring dried apricots and put them next to beds.  Apricots can reduce yin energy.  For example, if you eat apricots, it can lessen the yin energy in your body.  You may feel sick if your body has insufficient yin energy - A healthy body has the balance of yin and yang energy. 


n   Burn incense sticks in the room.  It helps to purify the energy in the room.


n   Mix a droplet of pure organic sandalwood essential oil (or pure frank incense essential oil) with a table spoon of water and spray the water at corners of the room.  Sandalwood and frank incense can purify the room.


n   Placing bible or scriptures on bedside cabinets.


n   Saying something good to a cup of water to charge it with positive energy and spray the water around the room to purify the energy in the room.


If you have purified the room and spirits still disturbs you, then you have to understand that spirits come to you for a reason which may be related to your life (or past life).  We do not suggest methods which attack and harm spirits.  Even though one spirit escapes, the other will come as it is the place where attracts spirits.  Therefore, it is not effective to attack spirits.


When there are spirits living at your home for decades, it is better either you or spirits leaving your home.  In terms of Taoism, humans belong to yang whereas the spirits belong to yang.  If both humans and spirits stay together for a very long time and the body is weak, the vibration of humans will be pulling down to low.  Our health will be deteriorated and we may attract misfortune when our vibration is low.


Most spirits are not being hostile.  Sometimes, they are naughty.  When your mind is positive and full of love, spirits do not equal to fear.  If a spirit approach you and affect your negatively, you must have done something to a spirit in past or in past life.  Don’t be scared and disspate the resentment with your kindness and compassion.

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