My Meditation Experience

09 Oct 2015  Posted in Mind and Body 

My soul is being purified quickly since I have practiced a type of Meditation I have learnt in Jun 2015.

I start recalling all my experiences about Meditation in past.

I have learnt Meditation in a Pranic Healing Centre firstly.

Because my cousin wanted to learn Meditation, I joined 2 classes of Zen Meditation in a centre which my friend recommended.

It showed a different perspective of Meditation.  The classes were comprehensive and well organized.

In Jun 2015, I joined a 2-day course teaching how to practise and cultivate our mind because I wanted to say Thank You to a spiritual master face to face.

I learnt Meditation from her by chance.

It has totally changed my perception of Meditation.





In past, I did not practise Meditation constantly.

When I closed my eyes to meditate, I felt sleepy.

This issue often happened.

I had this issue when I practiced a kind of Qi Gong which required me to sit down, close my eyes and guide Qi by my mind.

I did not know why I felt sleepy and I thought it was not the right time for me to practise Meditation.

Therefore, I totally stopped doing Meditation.


Why Sleepy?


Based on Meditation class in Jun 2015, the teacher said that sleeping during Meditation was caused by Karmas.

It was also because Qi did not circulate and flow smoothly in a body.

She also told us other issues we might have during Meditation….

In fact, classmates were expressing different issues after 15 minutes of Meditation.

I was surprised for the issues that those classmates have.

After the class of Meditation, I practiced Meditation alone in a room.

I felt sleepy when I meditated for the first 10 times.

I discovered that my head was covered by a kind of subtle energy once I closed my eyes to meditate.

If I practice Meditation in the morning, this situation does not occur.


Right time to do Meditation


The teacher told me to avoid doing Meditation between 11 am and 1 pm and after 10 pm.

I also learnt that the best time to do Meditation is between 4 am and 6 am because Heaven is very close to Earth…

That means we inject more Qi or subtle energy into our body if we meditate during 4 am – 6 am.

Once I woke at 4 am in the morning.

I saw many small white globes floating around the ceiling of my bedroom.

It was like many stars sparking in the sky at night.

I don’t know what those white globes are but I start believe that Heaven is very close to Earth during 4 am – 6 am.


Personally, I will practise Mediation when I am available anytime.

I have tried to do mediation at 9 am or at 1 pm or at 10 pm.

When I did Meditation after 6 pm, I would feel sleepy.

This time, I keep doing it because I think there is a reason to learn this type Meditation by chance.




A month later, I felt energized after practising Meditation in the morning.

I suddenly had an idea to do Mediation sitting in Lotus Posture – I usually did not sit in Lotus Posture because it was very painful.

I sit in full Lotus Pose and I felt much subtle energy being pushed out of my heart chakra.

It looked like a process of purification.

Therefore, I tried my best to sit in Lotus Pose in every Meditation.

I did not fall asleep but I felt invisible energy covering my head.

When this happened, I was chanting a mantra in my mind.

Eventually, I have developed a unique method to tackle this issue.

I was so surprised the process of purification has come quickly and effectively.

This process was stopped after a month.

Since then, my body seems to retain more subtle energy after every Meditation.

Now, subtle energy flows into my body smoothly and it seems all blockages in my body have gone.



Mediation and Religion


The spiritual master, who taught me Meditation in Jun 2015, said “Mediation is effective when it is supported by religion we believe in.”

This was another stunning point I heard after I read this sentence “Spiritual Practices must be supported by religion we believe in.”- this is a topic which I am researching so I have not written an article about this.

I believe every type of Meditation has its benefits.

When it comes to purification of a body, Mediation I have learnt in Jun 2015 works out effectively.

I am referring to purifying Dark energy in a body – Dark isn’t bad, it isn’t Light, it is counter to the Light.

When Light energy is flowing into a body, Dark energy is flowing out of a body.

7 major chakras of my body are vibrant and active since I have been practising the Meditation supported by Religion.

This is a new and interesting experience.


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