My Meditation Experience 3

8 Nov 2015  Posted in Mind and Body 

In this month, I have been trying 3 types of meditations.

They are effective in certain ways.

This week, I am quickly recovering from flu by doing 2 types of mediation and sleeping on a heating blanket in 3 days.

I observed the whole process to understand why mediation was effective to cure flu for me this time.


Constantly, I am doing meditation which I learnt from a spiritual master in June 2015.

In these 3 weeks, I have learnt 3 types of mediation.  Let say Meditation 1, Meditation 2 and Mediation 3.

On Monday noon, I was doing Meditation 1 to purify my energy body.

I felt subtle energy leaving my body and my body was lighter afterwards.

My running nose was stopped and I felt energized after the meditation

Once I felt tired because my base chakra was blocked.

Meditation 1 helped to cleanse my base chakra and I was full of energy quickly afterwards.

Much more and more karmic energy was released out of my body after every meditation.

My first assumption was… flu was caused by blockages in an energy body.


On Day 2, my running nose was coming back for a while when I was surrounded by cold energy (or Yin energy).

At night, I was laying on a heating blanket. 

I could feel cold wind blowing out from my body because of the heat from the blanket.

I can increase my body temperature by doing Meditation 1.

I believe cold energy will leave my body in this way too.

However, I do not know how to meditate while I was sleeping.

Therefore, I was sleeping on the heating blanket instead.

On Day 3, I did not have a running nose.

My second assumption was Meditation 1 expel cold energy from a body and inject hot energy (Yang energy) into a body.


I have read articles stating many benefits of doing meditation but I did not experience the benefits until this year.

What makes Meditation more effective?


Firstly: Environment


On a flat ground, there are spots…

l   Where providing energy (Let’s call it + spot)

l   Where sucking energy (Let’s call it - spot)

l   Where are not providing or sucking energy (Let’s call it neutral spot).

These spots can be detected by dowsing.

If one is sensitive to energy, he or she can identify those spots by a body.

There are + spots and – spots everywhere but they may be strong or weak.

A strong + spot accelerates the effectiveness of meditation.


Some hills and mountains emit strong subtle energy which is green in colour.

If a person absorbs the subtle energy, it also helps improve the effectiveness of meditation.


It is no doubt a sacred spot can be a good place to do meditation.

However, it is better to do it when you are able to identify the type of subtle energy in a scared spot firstly.


For someone who realizes that there is no limitation of space in the world, he or she will feel to do meditation at most places.



Secondly: Karmic issues


Everyone has karmic issues carried forward from past life times when he or she was born.

It affects the location of birth and the nature of physical body.

Personal characters are formed based on Karmic issues in past life times and in current life times.

All these determine how far one connects with subtle energy and believe in meditation.

Subtle energy and meditation are interconnected.

One usually will keep practise meditation when one has felt cosmic energy pumping into one’s body.


1)     Physical body


Everyone has the potential to know the existence of subtle energy through 5 sensory organs.

Some people feel nothing but others may not.

If a person who has done spiritual practices for many life times, he or she can more likely detect subtle energy successfully.


2)     Mindset


If one’s mind is open to anything and is willing to try, it is more likely for him or her to connect with subtle energy.

If one can be integrated with nature, it is more likely for him or her to connect with subtle energy.

When one does not believe in subtle energy and spiritual subjects, it is less likely for him or her to start doing meditation.


3)     Spiritual energy and Subtle energy.


One can detect subtle energy when he or she has made the contact with spiritual energy or even subtle energy.

Then one will start his or her spiritual journey and tend to do meditation at the right time.


There is one point which I have discovered since 2012.

Nowadays, it is more and more difficult to absorb subtle energy through food and vegetables.

This situation may vary among all cities in the world.

In my home town, most of food I have seen is energy insufficient or it is not fresh.

Trees and mountains which provide subtle energy are rarely found in an urban city. 

I have found myself running out of subtle energy since I have learnt spirituality.

Qi Gong and Meditation provide me alternative sources of subtle energy besides eating food.



4)     Karmic debtors


I have explained a little bit about Karmic debtors in my post Headache 2.

It may be one of the reasons which makes meditation less effective.

Karmic debtors may prevent someone from obtaining the benefits of meditation.

It is just a way to back pay what one has owed them.

We give compassion in this case so that the vicious cycle will be stopped.




In past, I heard negative experience after doing meditation.

I was feeling sleepy if I closed my eyes during meditation.

I did not feel cosmic energy flooding into my body.

It was like a very light shower.


Since I have been practising the meditation I learnt in Jun 2015, I encountered obstacles.

Most of the obstacles were caused by karmic energy.

I have studied how to overcome them. I need to dedicate merits to my karmic debtors and activate my “protection kit” before meditating.

It works out and everything goes smoothly if I have done both every day.

Since then, cosmic energy penetrates totally into my body.

Then, it is easier to connect cosmic energy by different types of meditation.

It is difficult to say someone shall do meditation now or later on because


l   There are many types of meditation.  Each meditation has a specific benefit.

l   Everyone has a unique condition of karma.  It is subtle and difficult to be identified.


Undoubtedly, there are benefits of meditation if meditation is done correctly.


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