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11 Oct 2015  Posted in Mind and Body 

Besides three types of Meditation I have written in my last post, I heard some Meditation techniques in past.

I did not study and develop techniques related to Meditation until I have learnt a new type of Meditation in Jun 2015.

It has inspired me to learn and overcome the issues I have during Meditation.


Receiving Cosmic Energy


About 5 years ago, my friend sent me a video explaining how Cosmic Energy entering a body through Meditation.

Recently, I read a comment in the internet expressing opposite views.

If one can embrace the Nature and the World, one will receive more Cosmic Energy through Meditation.

It is really the same ideal as the one in practising Qi Gong.  It is not about whether opposite views are right or not. 

It is about our perceptual models.  It is also about how we learn.

Everyone has unique conditions and karmas so the result of Meditation varies.

Keep learning and exploring “right” knowledge.

It is one of the ways to improve.


My past experience of Meditation was that Cosmic Energy entered my body after following the “procedure” of Meditation.

Cosmic Energy came right after I had done the “procedure” – not before that.

Since September 2015, I am reminded to start practising Meditation at a time which I am used to start meditating every day.

I feel Cosmic Energy entering my head an hour before I start to meditate every day.

My head is heating when I am about to go to meditate. 

It is a positive sign because our body is heating during Meditation.

When we are on the right track, we can feel the heat during Meditation.

It is one of the reasons that I cannot stop practising Meditation every day.



Past Life Memory


I have read a few website talking about the benefits of doing Meditation.

Those benefits are mostly related to healthiness.

It also helps to focus and enhance intuition.  Meditation helps to cease “conversations” or wandering thoughts in mind.

The spiritual master who taught me Meditation in Jun 2015 said that it helps to recall memory of past lives.

I do not have experience in this aspect during Meditation at the moment.


Conversely, I have read information to find out why we forget our past lives.


l   It is a better way for a person to learn lessons again.

l   It is a tendency that a person forget things easily.  If we cannot remember all things happened in our lives now, how can we remember things happened in past lives.  

l   Generally, most people are in the stage of coma when he or she is living in a mother’s womb.  Therefore, we forget our past lives.


Usually, I have read evidence and information of people remembering their past lives in a trance.

There are spiritual practices to recall memories of past lives.

I am doing Meditation to attain inner stillness – not to recall memories of past lives.


4th dimension


A blogger wrote “Meditation eventually leads one seeing the world of 4th dimension.”.

Once, I saw a picture of trees and houses during Meditation.

I disregarded the picture and continued to do Meditation.

Meditation can be a real play.

It is a spiritual practice improving our healthiness.

Meanwhile, it connects us with the spiritual world.

The purpose of Meditation is to attain inner stillness so that we are not hindered by bad karmas.

Seeing the world of 4th dimension is not the main purpose but we just need to prepare that it will happen.





When shall we learn Meditation?

I saw someone asking whether it is good to start meditating earlier or later.

A spiritual master answered “Both are good.”

I had the same question too.  I chose to stop practising Meditation until Jun 2015.

Acting for unconditional love and kindness, one will be guided by coincidence or synchronicity to find out the answer at the right time.

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