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19 Nov 2015  Posted in Mind and Body 

It has been a week since I have bought a box of essential oil.

After the private class, I have been testing the effectiveness of essential oil sold by a specific manufacturer.

I drank water containing the essential oil of lemon or peppermint.

I inhaled essential oil which ran through a diffuser.

I also put essential oil on my skin and soles of the feet.

I have some interesting experiences with essential oil and share some of them now.


 Statements and products made in this blog post about essential oils are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any diseases.  The information in this article is intended for informational purpose only and is not intended as substitute for medical advice.  Please consult your physician on specific medical questions or prior to stating health regime.  We make no representations or warranties and assume no liability with respect to any action, use or misuse of any information contained here.

Essential oil containing Clove and Cinnamon


There is a kind of essential oil blends namely AA.

It is mixed with several types of essential oil including clove and cinnamon.

I was taught AA was effective on killing bacteria.

I put some of AA on soles of my feet and something amazing happened.

In 5 minutes, I felt my heart charka moving actively and my body was warmer.

After checking an online dictionary of Chinese herbs, I have found out the following:



Nature of it is Warm – it contains medium level of Yang energy.

It is absorbed and transformed by spleen, stomach and kidney.

The function of it is dispersing “cold” energy (it is a direct translation & I do not know its correct meaning) and stopping pain.

It is also warming up kidneys and uplifting Yang energy.




Nature of it is Hot – it contains high level of Yang energy.

It is absorbed and transformed by spleen, kidney, heart and liver.

The function of it is replenishing Yang energy and dispersing “cold” energy (it is a direct translation & I do not know its correct meaning).

It is also warming up all energy channels and unblocking all energy channels in an energy body.


I felt my heart charka moving actively because cinnamon is absorbed and transformed by my heart.

Clove and Cinnamon belong to Yang energy so my body was warming up after using AA.

My experience has verified the knowledge of Chinese Medicine.


I did not have such feeling when I was using essential oil in past.

I did not have essential oil of Clove and Cinnamon.

I understood all essential oil of this manufacturer is relatively stronger than others so it may be the reason that I had such feeling.


I have learnt some theories of Chinese Medicine but I did not look into the origin of knowledge of Chinese Medicine.

Previously, I read a book stating that Taoists have profound knowledge of healthiness and Chinese Medicine.

They are one of the sources of knowledge of Chinese Medicine which doctors are still applying nowadays.

They finalized the knowledge through verification – seeing the activities of energy bodies through their inner eyes.

(Based on my study and observation, not every doctor of Chinese Medicine believes in this).

Their ability to develop their inner eyes and study Chinese Medicine came from practice of the truths and cultivation of mind.

They were ancient spiritual masters and doctors as well.




Essential Oil of Frankincense


I was taught Frankincense is effective to heal diseases related to eyes.

To absorb Frankincense, firstly rub its essential oil on palms of hands.

Then, open eyes and cover palms of hand on eyes.

I personally visualize my eyes absorbing subtle energy of Frankincense to accelerate the effectiveness of absorption.

Afterwards, I felt hot energy flowing into my eyes.

It was very strong that tears were dropping from my eyes.

At first, I assumed that it was natural reaction of my eyes.


Few days ago, part of karmic energy has left my eyes.

Since then, there is no tear dropping from my eyes when my eyes are absorbing subtle energy of Frankincense from my palms.

I start realize the reason behind tears dropping from my eyes.

It was the similar to some people whom had skin rash after applying essential oil of Lavender on skin.

(A person showed the location of skin rash by photo.  From the photo, I saw subtle energy, which was dark in colour, staying around skin where there was skin rash. This energy may trigger skin rash.)




I am still on the way to test the effectiveness of essential oil of a specific brand name and its related products.

Can anyone heal by solely applying essential oil?

It really depends on who is using essential oil.

If we use essential oil and do spiritual practices such as meditation at the same time, one will heal faster 3 times or more.

Being a person who is on cultivation, he or she knows what one’s body needs.

One may also be able to see the flow of subtle energy through one’s inner eyes too.

Healing and Mind cultivation are major parts of spiritual life now in Asia.

That is the reason I am keen on learning how to heal a body through ancient text.


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