My Essential Oil Experience 2

26 Nov 2015  Posted in Mind and Body 

This article is to give more information about my experience of using essential oil AA and new experience of using essential oil of peppermint.

If you have missed it, you may read my previous post - My Essential Oil Experience.


I caught a cold on 1 Nov 2015 and still have little symptoms this week.

I have tried to eliminate it through using essential oil as I was introduced essential oil of a brand name which has strong subtle energy and is edible.



Essential oil from most suppliers is not edible. 

Essential oil which is so pure without additive and chemical substances, are edible as mentioned in the post - My Essential Oil Experience

Even though the essential oil is claimed to be edible, it has to be verified by experiences and comments.

The person who eats essential oil shall take all responsibilities himself and herself. 

I clearly know that I am taking risks to eat essential oil supplied by a specific manufacturer.

Statements and products made in this blog post about essential oils are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any diseases.  The information in this article is intended for informational purpose only and is not intended as substitute for medical advice.  Please consult your physician on specific medical questions or prior to stating health regime.  We make no representations or warranties and assume no liability with respect to any action, use or misuse of any information contained here.

I was told how to heal running nose and flu by using essential oil blends of AA containing Clove and Cinnamon and essential oil of peppermint.

Therefore, I took a trial to heal and eliminate some symptoms on 22 Nov 2015….


[11 am] drinking one cup (about 250 ml) of water containing 1 drop of peppermint & putting one drop of AA on my each sole.

[2 pm]    drinking one cup (about 250 ml) of water containing 1 drop of peppermint & putting one drop of AA on my each sole.

[4 pm]    drinking one cup (about 250 ml) of water containing 1 drop of peppermint & putting one drop of AA on my each sole.


I tried to see the reaction of the body through my inner eyes after drinking taking the first dose.


Increasing Yang Energy


My body was warm after using essential oil blends of AA because clove and cinnamon are warm and hot.

Cinnamon helps to spread hot energy, which is usually called Yang in Chinese medicine.

The heart chakra is moving actively so hot energy was spreading throughout the body


Activating Tai Chi Organ of Heart, Kidney and Liver


In 1 minute, first Tai Chi Organ was formed in front of a chest (by heart).

Then, first Tai Chi Organ disappeared and second Tai Chi Organ formed at the back in front of the lower waist (by 2 kidneys).

Afterwards, second Tai Chi Organ disappeared and third Tai Chi Organ appeared at the right upper region of the abdomen (by Liver).

Third Tai Chi Organ disappeared.  3 Tai Chi Organs appeared and disappeared again and again in the previous sequence.


Because Cinnamon affects heart, kidney and liver, Tai Chi Organs formed by heart, kidney and liver.

The nature of Cinnamon is Hot so it activates heats and kidney and liver greatly.


What is Tai Chi Organ?

It is subtle energy in form of a globe rotating itself - actually, its structure is more complicated and I did not investigate in it.

It is made of Qi, light, etc.

There are many Tai Chi Organs in a body and the operation of Tai Chi Organs is complicated.

It will appear when one has drink herbal tea of Chinese Medicine….


After drinking and using essential oil three times, I felt some cold energy causing flu was gone.

When the symptoms have gone, stop using essential oil.

I have learnt this theory from a website of Chinese Medicine and a person who seems to be having knowledge of Chinese Medicine.


From a website of Chinese Medicine, it states….

If sickness can be cured through bone-sitting and acupuncture, drinking Chinese herbs shall be avoided.


From a person who seems having knowledge of Chinese Medicine,

When acupuncture, bone-sitting and Qi Gong can help a patient to recover, drinking Chinese herbs shall be avoided.


The plants of Essential Oil and Chinese herbs are partly the same so we may apply this theory on essential oil.

The amount of the dose has to be decided precisely, because the essential oil of a brand name is very strong.


Once, I drank a cup of 250 ml water containing one drop of essential oil of peppermint before I went to sleep.

At mid night, my feet were itching and I felt like going to a toilet. 

Therefore, I went to a toilet and went back to sleep again.

The feeling of itching disappeared quickly and I was fine on the next day.

When essential oil is high quality and strong, one shall use it carefully.

When Yin and Yang in our body is in balance, we shall stop using essential oil.


Not too much

Not too little

Just in the middle

Like a Tai Chi

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