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This conversation comes from a group in What’s App.


“I don’t understand why you said that the essential oil of this brand name is better than others.

You know I have also used essential oil of other brand names and they did work out…..”


To understand and learn the world, it is good to start with the word “I”.

Because of “I”, everyone has a name.

Because of “I”, more and more toilets are divided into 2 types – ladies and gentlemen. 

Because of “I”, we don’t know how many languages in the world.

Because of “I”, there are things called right and wrong.

We are born in the world where we are unintentionally competing and comparing.

Eventually, we have developed my opinions, my views, my pen, my mobile phone….

We are living in the world of full of “I” and “me”.

We are easily staying in the game of “mine” instead of “mind”.


We are looking at ourselves in a mirror.

How often are we looking ourselves in our mind?

When we say “I am”, “I have”…, a perceptual model related to “I” is formed unconsciously.

It becomes a habit, an attitude and a value silently in mind.

One day, there is a conversation such as “I don’t understand why…”.


It is “I” who makes “me” misunderstand surroundings.

It is our values and perceptual models which form the world so the truths are left behind.

If we cultivate our mind and observe our daily life, we will understand our world in different ways.


If there is anyone who tends to jump out of the box, we can change perceptual models through learning.

I have introduced the skills in the previous posts How To Learn Part One and How To Learn Part Two.

The skills help us to explore our inner wisdom when we learn that ways and practise the truths.


Why essential oil of this brand name is better than the others?

It is not only because of how we think, but also how we feel.

I loved to give my cousins a test.

I asked some cousins to hold a piece of special glass which is full of energy with one hand.

And then, I asked my cousins to describe the feeling when he or she initially felt something or tingling in his or her hand.

Some takes 15 minutes to have the feeling of tingling.

Other might had such feeling in an hour.

One of my cousins did the same test twice in last year and this year.

He could feel tingling after practising Qi Gong for a period of time.


We can scan the energy level of essential oil.

Some people would never feel a thing but others may not.

This ability can be trained and developed through practice.

I have described some skills in my previous post Energy Part 1.


If the energy level of the essential oil is high, we can

l   hold it by hand,

l   close our eyes and

l   perceive the vibration of the essential oil through feeling.


If one has learnt dowsing, one can also check the energy level of essential oil by dowsing too.

However, one has to tranquilize one’s mind to give a correct result.

Tranquilizing one’s mind requires ones to ditch the concept of “I” in our mind.

It is a way to understand our world.

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