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25 Dec 2015  Posted in Mind and Body 

When I was a youngster studying at different schools, I loved to listen to music.

Punk, Rock n Roll, Alternative, Electronic Music…

I loved reading pictures more than reading letters so I was reading numbers of comic books.


Working in companies for 4 to 5 years as a full time employee, I kept these hobbies.

However, I was working busily in one of my ex employer for years.

That’s the period when I have stopped “consuming” messages from mass media.


No watching TV.

No listening to songs.

No reading comics.


It was because I had no time to do so – I was working for 10 hours a day or more.

For what has happened during that period, please read my story…..


After learning spirituality and doing spiritual practices for a few years, I have formulated rules for myself to decide whether read and listen from different mass media or not.

In past, I did not react to mass media but I have started having different feeling since learning spirituality.




A good song is the sound which makes one feeling serenity and calmness.

The sound from nature such as sounds of waves has such quality.

Some singers produce such quality of songs too.

For example, Phil Colins and John Lennon are very good singers. 

They sing from the bottom of their heart.

John Lennon’s songs refer to his songs produced after he had left Beatles (not when he was singing in Beatles).


If someone sings a song which lyrics are Heart Sutra, listeners will feel peaceful too.



TV and Newspapers


TV and Newspapers are doubtless important sources to collect news and information.

I have to leave them most of time because I felt “something” when I saw faces of some people.

Those people are usually carrying energy of misfortune in their energy bodies.

It will be the same when seeing their faces in the newspapers too.

I will feel sick and want to vomit when seeing their faces.

It is not caused by the appearances but caused by the energy on their bodies.

I feel sorry for them and hope their lives will be improved.

At the same time, I have decided to read less news on TV and Newspapers.


Sometimes, my body reacted to some radical scenes in news whatever it was on TV or in newspapers.

This further makes me watch less news on TV.





Three or four years ago, I really liked to read some websites because I could learn knowledge which was rare but true.

I read and followed some blogs too in order to learn more spiritual knowledge.

Recently, I could see energy bodies of the writers through their words and writings in their blogs.

If one wrote something which was related to negative spiritual events, my energy body was attached by the energy related to the events.


Everything is energy including our thoughts attached in our words.


This took me longer time to cleanse my energy body afterwards.

If the situation has gone too far, I will put the website into my blacklist.

So far there are 2 to 3 websites in my blacklist.


I almost stop watching and reading from mass media because it affects my physical body and energy body.

Now, I only listen to songs and music which enhance serenity in mind.

I spend more time reading scriptures such as Heart Sutra, Diamond Sutra as I never encounter problems about my energy body afterwards.

On the contrary, through reading or chanting different Sutras, I can understand more truths unexpectedly.


I was recalling memories of some friends and trying to figure out why such events about the friends happened.

I heard a small voice reading part of the Sutra to explain the situation at the right time.

Eventually, I understand more truths and Law of the Universe.

This really keeps me studying scriptures.


Besides, I keep studying something which helps to heal my body and keep sharing the experiences in my blog after work.

Therefore, I do not have much time watching or reading mass media after work now.


It is understandable that everyone has different reasons to keep watching and reading from mass media.

Here comes activities I am still doing for the employer every day.


Studying a product in a market through internet.

Reading from internet and finding the information required.


When everyone is watching news and I am not, it seems I am outside the circle of friends.


In term of spirituality, the only reason to restrict and cease what we read is to eliminate negative thinking and behaviour.

We cannot eliminate memories and perceptual models.

We can only “freeze” the effect of perceptual models in our mind by different means.


If we are on the right track of spiritual path, we will have more time to learn different subjects.

Three year ago, I was working overtime every day so I was unavailable to write and learn after work.

Now, I have time to write and learn spirituality after work.

Time mentioned previously is called a condition.

“Conditions” enable one to be more available and practise spirituality like a full time job.

By that time, you may understand why it is important to avoid and stop watching and reading from mass media.

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