Lust Is Triggered Externally

6 Mar 2016  Posted in Mind & Body

Lust can be triggered by a kind of subtle entities.

These subtle entities live in one body and trigger lust when one sees a person.

Lust is not generated by oneself.

The true nature of our mind has no lust.

Therefore, we can get rid of lust if our mind is back to our true nature.

One will be and can be free of lust.


Lust may be accumulated by continuous sexual behaviour.

In this article, I am not saying “We shall or shall not stop sexual behaviour”.

It is everyone’s personal choice to have sex or not to have sex continuously.

I am even asking every reader not to trust what I have written in this article.

If you are interested in and choose to find out that the feeling of being free of lust, you may start to verify it by stopping attachment of lust.

Stopping sexual behaviour is just one of the methods to verify everyone can be free of lust.


About two years ago, the feeling of lust was sometimes very high in my body during a spiritual meeting.

I do not watch and not listen to lustful things but it happened.  Therefore, I was alert to this abnormal issue.

There was a special accident happened on me leading to a kind of energy flowing into my body.

Since then, the feeling of lust occurred in some cases.

I have done different types of spiritual practices to remove this energy.

The spiritual practices seem working on me gradually.  Recently, this feeling of lust happened again.

Although the feeling of lust was not as high as before, it was outrageous for me.

This encouraged me to totally remove the cause of this feeling.

I started a kind of visualization in my womb where the strong feeling of lust came from.

Meanwhile, I was injecting much golden aura into my womb to reduce the feeling of lust.

To my surprise, my womb was very painful at the beginning but I kept doing all those things.

In 5 minutes, the pain was gradually lessened.  Then, subtle energy which was black in colour was leaving my womb during the visualization.

I have practiced this 30 minutes or 1 hour daily and there was weak feeling of lust this week.


Sometimes, I recall the image which triggers the feeling of lust to check whether I still need to remove the subtle energy causing lust.

Two weeks ago, I was looking for CDs recording the mantra Om Mani Padme Hum chanted by the 17th GYALWANG KARMAPA.

Two days ago, I found it and the name of the CD is “Sweet Melody of Joyful Aspiration – H.H. the 17th GYALWANG KARMAPA”.

I played the CD and listened to the mantra chanted by him and other songs composed by him for one hour daily.

I discover that the feeling of lust is further eliminated since then.


When one feels overwhelming lust constantly, one will lose much essence of energy from the body.

For this point of view, lust shall be eliminated.

Feeling lust and sexual behaviour are two separated subjects.

Therefore, I emphasize that this is not an article asking readers to stop or keep sexual behaviour.

It is about why one mind is reacting towards lust.

It can be coming from outside a body.

Even though lust comes from the attachment of this feeling, it can be eliminated.

Elimination of lust can be done when one realizes the true nature of mind.

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